Jackson Hole Cokering

Hi Everybody,

I’m on a “working” vacation with my family and have been cranking out the miles on my coker. 85 miles so far, and it has only been a week. I intend to find some singletrack for my muni as well.

And to add to the surreal quality of the photos I hope to post here, I came across a cyclist who said he rode unicycles professionally at one time, and I invited him to have a go at my Coker. If the seat was lower, I think he would have been cruising along!!

Another photo…

oops…I tried to upload an image that was too big, I couldn’t add another one here.

another pic…


still another…


second to last…


and my chance encounter with a former rider!! Note the leg extension!!


Nice countryside


Yes, Jackson Hole is a giant perfectly flat valley surrounded by the Teton Range on one side, and the Gros Ventre Range on the other…the weather is pretty much perfect every day (highs in the mid to upper 70’s, lows in the upper 30’s). I’m hoping to work up the courage to get on the muni and try some of the trails that have been established on Rendezvous (the center of the resort which in the winter is a huge ski area with 4000’ of vertical gain from valley floor to the top of the Tram). I want to do it during the week early in the morning to minimize my chances for embarassment!!


You need to ride the Coker up to the pass and then back. :slight_smile:

That was on my list of things to try. There the old Teton Pass Road that is closed to vehicle traffic. I don’t know if my legs can do it, but I think I will try it. The pass is actually visible in the picture with the shadow in the pathway…it’s the big brown gash in the side of the mountain ahead. I’ll receive any and all inspiration in preparation for that ride (Aspenmike…how do you do it?).

Bob, that is sweet scenery for your rides. Why didn’t you invite me to come along with you. I thought I was your main riding partner? What’s up? :smiley:

I hope you are getting the girls out on their unis also.

See you when you get home.

Jealous Bill


I thnk i met you I live in Jackson. My names Luke I thnk i met you at a rafting thing but i wasn’t on the rafting thing i jst met u. I thnk tht makes sense lol. Ya I live in Jacksonand ive done tht bike trail on my 20in Koxx One Devil. I do more intense stuff now tho like snowking and the Trails at the village and i might do the pass this summer with a couple of my freinds tht also uni. alright thts pretty cool tht u uni 2. alright l8tr

Great shots! Did you get the name of the former pro unicyclist you met? People do that all the time: they tell me they met some cool unicyclist, talked to him for a while, but never ask their names. Now we can’t say if we know of him. :frowning:

Just to let you know, this is from 2005.


I think i read about you in the planet this week, Sam petri wrote some article about a kid in town who rides around on a koxx one devil. I live in jackson and have been unicycling for quite some time, I have been ridding at the pass with mountian bikers all summer and would love to go ridding with some unicyclists for a change. my E-mail is unicyclejoe at yahoo dot com drop me a line if you want to go ride some trials or do a cache creek lap some time before the snow starts filling up the valley.

      Joey Cohn

Jackson Hole

Has anyone ever ridden down Rendezvous from the top on a unicycle?
I intend to do so this weekend.
Any interest from local riders in joining.
My plan was to get started early and do the 7.2 mile hike up at 5ish so that the ride down is doable before noon.