Jackson Hole -- 1st ever descent!

I believe that I am the first to have descended from the top to the tram line at Jackson Hole (Rendezvous Mountain) on a unicycle.
I did this yesterday – 7-18-2009.
The distance is approximately 7.5 miles with 4000 ft of vertical.
Bikes/munis are not allowed on the tram or the top, so I had to hike up – this took just under 3 hours pushing the muni up to 10,600 ft. I made sure that I got to the summit before the first tram – 9 am. That way I could have photo opportunities of the Grand and not be hassled by the tram operators – they all seem cool but you never know.
The course down is not technically difficult. There are only 2 very short hills that pose some resistance only because of the loose rock and soil and altitude. I rode every foot of the track down. It is steep and long so I would recommend training beforehand or riding with a brake – I didn’t use one.
The bottom half of the mountain has fantastic single track with abundant tree coverage.
Apres vous mountain has lush vegetation and really fun single track with some technical lines – Bronco.
There is only a small muni movement in Jackson, but the terrain is perfect for it.
The people there are awesome and intense athletes. It is a perfect combination for muni.

(I am resubmitting this thread under this forum per the recommendation of another forum user. All appologies for the redundancy)

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Very cool. Sounds like a knee-killer! I rode the tram there in 1995, on the last day of “hiking season”. That is, the last day they would give hikers a ride up, which was sometime in October. It was below zero windy up there though, so they didn’t recommend I even go up, but I wanted to take pictures. Got some nice ones. Also saw a moose on the way down. I had a unicycle with me, but didn’t attempt to bring it up there. I rode it in Yellowstone though, and zoomed around a corner to startle a huge elk! Also saw a coyote there.