Jackie's short video clips thread!

okeys. So, I’m going to be putting out semi-regualar short vids fairly frequently (hopfully). I’ll post them all in this thread. I’d really love any comments, suggestions or thoughts that you might have. Thanks!

Here’s number one.

Peace out…

What is the difference between your “no footer rev” and a cran kflip?

There isn’t a difference, I believe its a joke.

Sweet video and good song choice. Nice rolling hop to.

In my book there is.
No foot rev=Riding fast, jumping and just letting the momentum go a full rev rev.
crankflip=Applying pressure to flip the cranks.

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Isn’t a no foot rev where you start it as a rev (1/4) and then do it no footed (3/4).

nice, i like the old schoolness. the no footer 180 was my favey.

I was also down with the double shifty

except he did a lateflip so the momentum wasn’t helping.

edit: O yes, nice tricks too, I dropped a comment on youtube too.

edit2 : now I’m confused. If you go as slow of frame by frame as youtube can it also looks like he did do a no footer then put feet back on and did a rev.

bahahaha, I didn’t think it would get so closely analized. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a joke. I don’t ride newschool at all so since it was a flip and I don’t do flips, I called it a no-footer rev as a joke.
Thanks for the comments guys!

Yea the 180 no footer was definetely sick. Now try to do it off a 7 foot wall.

That trick would be so sick yo.

I really liked the tire grab to rev and the back tire grab. Nice stuff, eh?

No foot rev. Now thats funny lol

Lol, no foot rev.

This got me thinking. How much would it suck if crankflips were just named no foot revs in the first place? Can you imagine how much longer the names of flip tricks would be :stuck_out_tongue:

fakie no-footer double rev 360 uni-spin from seat in to seat in?

dosn’t work well…

number two. for Terry.



Stole??? The peice sign? lol sweet though.

That was nice… I love your rolling 3spin drops!

the 360 unispin off the crates was nuts and i loved the 180 off the ledge too :smiley: nice work.

Haha sweet! I’m honored! :sunglasses:

What is the music in the first video?