Jackass: Extreme Unicycling

WARNING: Dude is wearing a thong in this video!


Here’s a video of Steve-o from Jackass doing some extreme unicycling. It might be some others in maybe one of the other things. The actual unicycling is pretty shocking but you gotta give him credit for his attempts. But just watch his technique!

Ha! I’m sure there’s more than that somewhere, where he rides into a canal and starts throwing up and then has to dive back in to get his unicycle! The most impressive part of that was the chin balancing tho!

It’s funny how they obviously chose “extreme unicyling” as a feature because of how unlikely it sounds to the average person. Little do they know there’s an international community of us!

Re: Jackass: Extreme Unicycling

That’s not just any thong… That’s the “cheetah”.


The ‘cheetah’, ey? You certainly know your stuff. That’s a bit disturbing.

im proud of steve-o, well done

Well, he almost cleared them 8 steps… :stuck_out_tongue:

I aint seen that in ages I first saw it when it was ok MTV in the UK


Hahahahah, amazing.

I’ve heard that the Jackass crew got the idea for steve-o’s “extreme unicycling” after watching UNiVERsE at the Tube 2000 Film Festival.


I hate skaters. They are in jackass and when they ride things like that they just try to make fun of it like unicycling pogoing and stuff like that. well if he thinks that unicycling is stupid why is he doing it. i mean it takes a long while to learn. I hate skaters.

I met Steve-o ( at the filming of sea turtal epiasoid) and his GF.
He smelled :astonished:

Aaah, a first post with lots of positive energy. Keep it up!


i skate and i ride unicycles, do you hate me?


well, I hate people who hate people, so I hate you!! but I don’t really, I just don’t understand your point of view or anything and I think it’s pretty ignorant and hypocritical. no hard feelings, from me anyway (:

I just LOVE haters

I jsut dont like posers, and a lot of skaters where i live are jackass posers, but there are even more normal and cool skaters, i hang out with skaters bmx riders and mountain bikers, especially since we all ride the same stuff…but in order of nicer people in general goes, Mountain bikers, bmx and skaters, the bmx and skaters are pretty close to same, but poeple out here are mostly ass holes, when i go other places and hte beach and stuff, they dont wait for me to do some amazing trick in order to stop being pricks, they just see me riding and say right on…i love to ramble on a subject…but the vid is funny, i have it saved on my comp somewheres…They might be making fun of unis, but we all know that that is not extreme unicycling and that its all in good fun…

He is the reasen why I got into unicycling.(and when I saw Kris Holm offcourse)JACKASS rules.
Sorry about the crappy Englisch

this thread was started ony my birthday when i turned 14. cool

You answer your question, he is doing it for the fun.
Here the purpose of the unicycle is just to provide an unstable vehicle used on not-comfortable-to-fall areas. Otherwise, for fun. I have no problem with that.

I do love his approach technique of the stairs. :smiley:


Steve-O rules!

It doesn’t look like he’s very good at riding. Either that or he’s massively drunk! Probably the latter.