Jack the Uni-Psychle (PDA Game)

See Jack. See Jack’s Body get stolen. See Jack’s Brain get put on a Uni-Cycle and chase after the body-thieving aliens. Run Jack Run.

I just downloaded the demo on my pda, not sure if its worth $10 or not, I’m thinking no, but its worth a look.

Its kinda like Uni racers but you have to jump on aleans like mario, It has some kick ass graphics for a pocket pc game, all in all it seems like a good way to kill time if you have a pda


Chex: can you please explain (to the outsider, not a downlooker) what you find advantageous to a PDA?)

I have a dell axim that I got as a X-Mas Gift.

PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. Basically its a fancy hand held calender and adress book. I like mine because I can also play Mp3’s on it so it also is my juke box for when I’m going to class. It also makes my mess of a life a bit more orderly I can never remember apointments and phone numbers of people and this way I can take them arround with me.

For me I tried using paper calenders but would never stick to using them. With the PDA I find myself writing down more stuff because I dont have to flip pages and it tells me when stuff is due.

oh yea you can play games on them too.



Is this one piece of hardware/software that solves everything?

What’s the coolest thing it can do? (for you)

I may or may not steal it at the 24hr race

It basically is just a digital calender / directory that plays music.

I use it for music more than anything else. MP3’s are good…


I’m not Chex, but I bought my wife a Palm Tungsten T3 for Christmas. She loves it. Advantages:

  1. It fits in your pocket!
  2. It turns on in like one second!
  3. Applications open in like one second!
  4. The thing is almost completely intuitive to use, unlike a PC or even a Mac.
  5. Jacquie’s contacts and calendar go where she goes.

She uses hers for work, so the main benefits so far are the calendar, contacts, etc. She puts it on the cradle and it synchs with her desktop computer.

The T3 can also store and display pictures, play MP3s, and I think video clips. And play that silly unicycle game! She’ll get into those things later on.

Cellphones will do all of that and more (GPS, video conferencing etc.) within a couple of years, just you wait… PDA + Cellphone = PCA?

Already have them. Also have a low quality digital camera/movie feature. Everything In One

Sorry to go even more off topic.

I have a Handspring Visor Deluxe. I have had the thing for over two years, and I still use it to hold all my contacts, appointments, and quick notes. I also keep a log of the gas I fill in my car and the gas mileage it gets. It’s served me very well. Like Chex, I have tried paper calendars, but it never lasted longer then one week. The Visor has just about served it’s duty and is ready for retirement… it doesn’t even have a color screen for goodness sake :astonished: Even at the time I got it, Jan 2001, it was a bit out dated. But for that reason I got it for less then $100.

I recommend PDAs to a lot of my friends, not all of them, but most. I never thought I’d use a calendar until I got my Visor.

On a note slightly closer to the topic at hand… JF, are you sure that game would run on your wife’s palm? I think It’s made to run on pocketpc.


I agree with John, Palm T3’s are awesome. I would also be interested to know if that game is able to be played on the Palm OS :roll_eyes:

I found my T3 to be one of my most useful new toys this year. And yeah, I can’t wait till they make an decent integrated cellphone/PDA at an affordable price.