Jack Hughes.... In all His Glory

During the heat of the preparation for the sport class Toque trials games Jack Hughes went postal on the mirrors of Bedfords junk car… Here you see him in all his primal glory with mirror held high…

Courtesy of Insane Films (insane.unicyclist.com)


Is there such a thing as a black & white phone camera? That’s what it looks like… :slight_smile:

You guys want to know Jack? Here’s some more:

At MUni Weekend last October, Jack attacked the lake at Rockville Hills Park.


“I fought the lake and the . . . lake won,
I fought the lake and the . . . lake won.”


Jack all wet.


Jack confronts a “full order” of biscuits & gravy at the Twin Peaks (?) restaurant in North Bend, WA. Even the half order was too much for the average mortal to finish.


Jack, sporting his “lucky”(?) socks at the 2001 convention in Toronto.


Same socks in 2002. Still lucky? Maybe for a bunch of moths or something…


Long hair is very flexible. You can do all sorts of things with it…


But the big question: Does Jack have guts? It sure seems that way when he rides, but then again, where could they be? Thanks Bill Gilbertson for getting the closeup at my expense… :roll_eyes:


Jack and his cool ride.

At a sporting goods store in Bellvue, WA before UNICON 11.


If nobody has beaten him for wearing those socks, they truely are lucky!:smiley:

Does Jack do yoga? In that guts picture, he has a bandage on his arm. When did that happen?


Thanks for posting those photos of Jack !

Anyone else have any to add ?!

Keep them coming…
The one who posts the picture I like the best of Jack will be sent a get a You don’t know Jack ! shirt.




okay… well, I feel like a loser, but who is Jack Hughes? Is this someone I should be familiar with? and I wish I had a pair of badass socks like that.

Jack Hughes riding in the 2003 STP (Seattle to Portland) ride. This was at the first food stop at mile 24 on the first day. The STP is a 200 mile ride from Seattle to Portland. It can be done in two days or one. Jack has completed it in two days. One of these days I’m sure he’ll try for a one day 200 mile epic ride.

Wow…haven’t seen anything like that since Melvin Burkhart was in his prime. Jack, if that music career doesn’t pan out, try this one on for size:

Jack Hughes: The Anatomical Wonder

Another photo

Jack at Calif Muni Weekend 2000, Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Lake Tahoe…

haha i love the photo story! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any more pictures of Jack coming ?

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Last couple days on this one.


There was a tie for the best picture.

John Foss and Nathan Hoover both get a shirt.
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