Jack Halpern's half- and zero-wheeler

So I’m on John Foss’ page and I’m reading about these half wheeled and no wheeled unis. I understand the one and a half wheeler, but is the zero wheeler just a frame, seat, hub and cranks? Does anyone have anymore info on these?

Have you seen U2? The giraffe with legs is a zero wheeler, I think. I have no idea, other than that.

Yeah, but it has two of those non-wheel thingies. So it’s more of a zero-wheeled bicycle.

The original fractional-wheel cycle Jack Halpern brought to a unicycle convention (1982) was the “150.” It was a two-wheeler with half a wheel on top. Surprisingly rideable, as long as you could ride a two-wheeler.

For Unicon I (1984) he turned the 150 into just a half-wheeled standard unicycle. Much less fun, and potentially damaging to the floor. I liked the 150 much more. The half-wheeler I referred to as “the world’s second-stupidest unicycle.”

The “world’s stupidest unicycle” is the no-wheeler. Yup, it’s a unicycle minus the spokes, rim and tire. The hub sits on the ground, and you “walk” the pedals. It’s very funny when mixed in with other unicycles! You can ride forward, backward, idle, idle one-foot, and stillstand for-friggin’ ever!

So its a biped? A human powered biped walking machine. HPBWM for short. HoP BaWM so you can remember it.

Can you show pictures of those machines for non-fluently-english-speaking men who don’t succeed at thinking what they can look like?

Awesome! I wish I had the money to make one. I also wish I wasn’t two years old when he made those.