Jack Halpern's book


I was surprised to see Jack Halpern’s name appear in the list because it is his
book, “Anyone can ride a Unicycle” that I’m using to learn.

Yes, this book was being distributed with Miyata cycles when you ordered from
Klutz (and possibly elsewhere). I bought a Semcycle and only got a fairly thin
book which doesn’t really cater for the beginner. After complaining to Klutz
they sent me their very last copy of Ken’s book, slightly tattered and torn.

If anyone can get their hands on the book, I’d certainly recommend it. It
contains step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures. I especially love the
pictures of young kids riding – nothing like being beaten by a youngster to
convince you to practice!

For those interested, the Semcycle manual also recommended Solipaz for more
unicycling books:

Solipaz Publishing Co, PO Box 366, Lodi, CA 95241.

Good luck hunting!


John Rotenstein juggler@agsm.unsw.edu.au