j.kohse/j.groves weekend video

hey everyone,

jeff and i did some filming and made a litle video, im not using the footage for my dvd but i used it in a film contest so i dont need it for anything else!

but i jumbled it together again for a little video for you guys to watch.
Its about 12 megs and called “justinjeff”


thats great to here but you need to post the url… which i will do for you because I am awsome and thats what awsome people do

sillyyy, you forgot to post a link.

yeah but I posted it for them look up one

woopssays, thanks buddy.

yeah theres a little bit swearing in the music, so little ones run away…
and im not fully sponsored by koxx yet, but i didnt know if i should of put there name in there or not yet…:expressionless:


That was really cool, I recognize that gap from Defect. It didn’t look that big in defect though. Jeff has some pretty huge hops. Every time I saw a staircase or rail I expected Jeff to try it on the bc…that would have been crazy. I am watching it at school so I don’t have speakers, I will watch it at home later with sound.:slight_smile:

anyone else having problems saving the video to your computer? i can watch it and such but clicking “download movie” just launches a differnet window to watch it in. i’d love to just save it to my desktop but the gallery isn’t cooperating.

Justin’s making a DVD?

Justin’s going to be sponsered by Koxx?


Noice! Thats very enjoyable for just a weekends work. Keep doing what yer doing :slight_smile:

That was a really really sweet vid, it really pumped me up. Lately most videos are really impressive but none pumped me up like that one.

Immediatly after watching it (4 times!) I grabbed my gear and went out to the local college. I landed my first drop over 4’ about 4’8" or a unicycle and a wallet high then I did it a couple more times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. After landing a couple more 4 sets which I was a bit iffy with before, I landed my first hop up an 18" high and 20" wide gap (based on my tire) which I then did again.

Thanks for the great video! (sorry for tooting my own horn in here I didn’t mean to take away from you guys just it pumped me up sooo much!)


Keep em comming and congrats on the sponsorship (even though its still sounded iffy)

pmp (pretty much pimp) good vid sir…BUT I liked your riding in the other video better :wink:

thanks guys,

yeah this was just for a film contest, so i rushed everything, but it was fun

and the sponsorship is all good.

keep\em comin guys

sweet video…I hope I can do that on a BC wheel one day. heck, I hope I can do that on a uni one day too.

I enjoyed the video untill i heard those vulgarities…tisk tisk.

soooooooory brian, i warned people though, thanks for the comments guys.

but the song is pretty catchy u must admit…


yeah i was jus messin, was the band subtle?

can someone upload this to youtube? the video isn’t working for me.

i’ve got the same problem

super cool downloadage couresy packrat inc. (aka me. iima vid packrat. a vidrat. a vidackrat. whatev.)


Uhh… It might just be my retarded computer, but that link didn’t download the whole thing for me. It only downloaded like… 53 seconds of the vid.


That’s what I used.