j.kohse-a new video, sicka what?!

sup uni peeps,

i havent made a video in awhile and i found some extra footy hangin around so i jumbled it into a little videar for you folks.

Its about 15 megs, 3 mins long i think, give or take a few secccconds…

annnnd ummm yeah, i do realize i spelt “friends” wrong in the credits, so shuuuutttt uppp.

haha alright, enjoy



That’s the best grinding I’ve ever seen.

I liked that inverse grind a lot.

Good going

That was great! I really liked that 360 down the stairs, there was something about it that looked really nice…the way you sort of flicked in around like you did, or something. Good to see someone else filming in 16:9 too. And that grind on the other side of the rail (whatever that’s called in street terms) was really amazing.


yeah i also thought that was a really nice 360, it looked real smooth and flashy… probly helped with the camera angle, but very nice!!

at the start i thought it was a Justin Kohse Movie of u stacking ahahaha, but turned out short and sweet :wink: :sunglasses:

Where did you get that from Mr Carter? I saw a messed up fisheye lens going on but no sign of the widescreen…

Nice riding Justin,switch to defect style slow-mo voice:that switch grind was clean :sunglasses:

Have another look, some of the clips are letterboxed top and bottom to make them a 16:9 shot within a 4:3 overall movie.


You spelt friends wrong :wink:

Nice movie, that lipslide (isn’t that what a grind on the other side of the rail is called?) looked amazing, and very clean.

Right you are, I didn’t notice that… still though, in my true video camera geekiness I’d say that letterboxing is a bit different to shooting in true 16:9 (with 16:9 CCDs etc.)

Very slick, justin! That crossover grind (?) made my jaw drop. Ive only tried that a few times and ate it hard almost everytime (ie grinding the rail on the side of my ribcage :o ). You got some cajones/skill!

very awesome movie, I liked the music, Reel Big Fish is awesome (:
the grind on the opposite side of the rail was really really cool.

Crankflips and 360 unispins on a 24! And you landed most of those grinds really nicely. Good job!

wooooohooo thanks guys,

i had fun makin it, and that trick over the rail is called a “blunt” slide.

and yeah i did point out at first that i spelt friends wrong so nobody would correct be but you know, whatvskeees.


Actually, I wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t obviously point it out in the first place :wink:

I would call it a “Far side”. “Blunt” implies the tire touching the rail throughout the grind. That’s beside the point though. Amazing video.

dope video!!!

Amazing video! I love to both ride and watch street done on a 24" uni, it just makes so much sense.

Hey, 'bout time you put up another online vid! That was awsome. Blunt grind was real smooth, as already metioned…



Wear a helmet.

that was friggen sweet! First off i like how you use the 24" wheel enstead of a 20", i was begining to think i was the only one who uses a 24" for everything.

Those grinds were sweet too! Nice unispins also!

P.S. what kind of camera are you using in this vid?

touche justin. that was awesome. truly. how come in defect they didnt put in more of that kinda of riding in your section?