J&H unicycling commercial.

With my previous thread about making a commercial for unicycling… Movie Idea.

I decided to finally do it. Shaun Johanneson did it with me. We worked on it for a couple a days and think that we have got it looking good. Any comments or other suggestions are welcome. We would just like to show the world what unicycling is all about.
Thats why we created J&H unicycling.

You can find the movie in my gallery.


Kelly Hickman and Shaun Johanneson.

I think you dont talk enough sorta… like in the dc commercial the guy always talks or there is sorta of a noise… but for the rest everythig is awesome

It has been removed for a little bit.

ahh I like the unicycling in it alot tho ! :frowning: cant wait till u put it back Im sure it’s gonna be even better :slight_smile:

Your gallery is down for me. It says:

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same here.

I removed it for now…It will be back up in a couple a weeks…
We had to take some stuff out so we wouldn’t ruin Defect. So it will be back up after it comes out probably.

Awwww, c’mon. You can show us. we won’t tell wink, wink, nudge nudge

Wait ruin defect

did you take footage from defect or something?

No we didn’t take footage from defect but some of the tricks we did in this video are in Defect.


Ah crap, now I’m even more curious to what they were. Haha, here’s to the release of Defect and then the re-release of this commercial!