J-Camp II: The Revenge

here’s a bit of a review of some of the special things that happened on the
weekend’s juggling camp.

  • we had a big unicycle expedition which included some great logging tracks
    with loose pebbles - the kind where you sink past spoke level, but somehow
    keep going.
  • we played a bit of stilt soccer
  • we unicycled around a specially designed BMX / MTB track which had some pretty
    steep uphill downhill / washout sections.
  • we had a three bowling pin endurance competition (record around 2:40)
  • we created a lot of injokes that I won’t bore you with
  • we managed to transport 7 pairs of stilts and 8 unicycles and four days worth
    of food in only two sedans.
  • we got very little sleep, and as such I’m going to go to bed. When I recall
    other stuff of interest I may post it.