I've lost a wheel!

Actually, the title is misleading. What it should say is “I’ve found a frame, a seat post and a saddle”.

I should probably also say that I’ve been looking for a stool to use in the garage, and I have some test joints from a carpentry lesson knocking around.

Isn’t it great when everything just works together to give you what you want. I’m sure I’m not the first person to make a unicycle stool, but I thought I’d share it with you all anyway.



Wait, you actually want to sit on a unicycle seat when you’re not riding?

not sure about a stool, but it looks like it would make a great base for a trampoline unicycle. i may have to steal that idea from you

I was using a unicycle frame a seat once as my computer chair:p
I think I’ll do that trampoline uni also, just some Ducttape and it’s done!:slight_smile:

yea and maybe some foam padding. i might use some narrower wood tho. or cut the 2x4’s down an inch or so.

I’ll try it for sure! I hope my father didn’t take the Trampoline off yet for the winter, I may be able to do it with my old K-1 frame.


Sounds like a great way to cut down on unnecessary computer time. Maybe I should try that too.

Training seat

Are you planing on marketing a line of these?

Some trying to do long distane may need one to help develop better control of seat numbness.

I think if you were to bend/seat the saddle such that the normal front end of the saddle is pointed more upward, thus lowering the back end of the saddle to more of a horizontal position you’d have a pretty good stool. You’d sit on it in the opposite direction than you would ride a unicycle, i.e. sit on the fat, horizontal end of the saddle and use the “forward” end of the saddle as a lower back rest? Probably not the most comfortable but if you could work out a double saddle connection like this with both saddles tipped like I described but side by side you’d have room for even a really wide load! :wink: