I've invented a new skill (I think)...

Okay…I mentioned this briefly in one of my other recent threads but here’s my new skill/trick in more detail. The 5 frames I’ve attached have been taken out of a video of me doing a different skill and are slightly different to how my skill would be done…but they’re close. I’ll try it out tomorrow morning.

Frames 1+2 - You’d probably want to start it off from riding backwards so frame 1 is incorrect but you ride backwards for a while and when the left pedal is at about 2 o’clock (behind the frame) you take the right foot off the pedal and hold it just above the wheel but not touching. Naturally, the frame should be tilting backwards a bit.

Frame 3 - At this point the frame should have moved so that it’s slightly tilting forwards but the rider is still moving backwards. The left pedal is a 12 o’clock and the right foot is still not touching the wheel.

Frame 4 - When the left pedal reaches about 2 o’clock again (behind the frame) jam the right foot on the wheel like you would in the koosh koosh technique. When you do this, the frame should tilt over with the rider until it’s leaning backwards again.

Frame 5 - Now that you’re back to the start you can release the right foot and repeat the procedure.

Pretty fun hey? So here’s an overview:

  • You start off riding backwards and then go to 1 foot backwards riding (just for a tiny bit). You let this change your balance point so that instead of leaning backwards you end up leaning forwards but travelling backwards at which point you put the right foot on the tyre to change it back to how it was. And so on…

Is this a new trick/skill or am I too late? :slight_smile:


seems like riding backward one foot with an added slam on the brakes every rev. I’v never seen it, but that doesnt make it non existant. do you then have problems with falling? seems liek your momentum would pulll you off…

At what stage? Remember that when you put the foot on the tyre, the frame should be facing forwards.


so you do a 180 when you jam the foot on the tire? I guess A vid would be usefull.

Sorry about the bad explanation…I’ll try again:

The whole trick is done while moving backwards. When the right foot isn’t touching the wheel, you push on the left pedal and the uni changes from tilting normally as if you’re riding backwards to tilting the opposite way as if you’re riding forwards. Normally, you’d fall off right about here, but instead, you put the right foot onto the wheel which stops it from moving. Your momentum carries your upper body in the backwards direction and thus tilts the unicycle back to the way it was at the start. You repeat this procedure.

I couldn’t take any videos or proper photos because I can’t do this trick :).

Hope that made more sence,

ok, I see what you mean now. If I go to practice tomarrow ill try and learn it, then get a vid of it :slight_smile:

Thanks Max, now I need a name for it.