I've had it with jtsr-stock@jtsr-stock.com!

I did a lookup of all the sites this slimeball spammed after getting another
message in my PRIVATE mailbox today. After looking at their website, I had an
idea that may finally get to them.

They have a “public relations” page where you can get stock information by
sending them mailing information in a form. I figure if enough people gave them
fake addresses and bombarded them with this, we may get somewhere on this. In
fact, I put together a list of snailmail addresses that could be used, from
other spam.

I couldn’t get the main page to send, so I saved it as an htm file and opened it
later. Had no problem. Here it is:

<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>JT’s Restaurant - Public Relations</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY
<H1><CENTER><IMG align=ABSMIDDLE src=“jts1small2.gif”><I>JT’s Restaurants, Inc.
</I></CENTER></H1> <HR>
<H2><CENTER>Public Relations </CENTER></H1>
<H3><CENTER>For the latest information, contact our Public Relations Department
at<BR> 1-888-295-6365<BR> or<BR> Fill out the form below to have an investor
packet sent to you.</CENTER> </H3> <HR> <FORM
METHOD=“POST”><P> <INPUT NAME=“redirect”
VALUE=“http://www.jtsr-stock.com/thankyou.html” type=“hidden” > <INPUT
NAME=“subject” VALUE=“Request For JTSR Info” type=“hidden” > <TABLE> <TR><TD
WIDTH=159><B>Name :</TD><TD WIDTH=540> <INPUT NAME=“Name” VALUE=""
MAXLENGTH=“35” SIZE=35> </TD></TR> <TR><TD WIDTH=159><B>Address :</TD><TD
<TR><TD WIDTH=159><B>City:</TD><TD WIDTH=540><INPUT NAME=“City” VALUE=""
MAXLENGTH=“35” SIZE=35> </TD></TR> <TR><TD WIDTH=159><B>State: </TD><TD
WIDTH=269> <INPUT NAME=“State” VALUE="" MAXLENGTH=“2” SIZE=2><B> Zip Code :
WIDTH=269></TD></TR> <TR><TD WIDTH=159><B>Home Phone :</TD><TD WIDTH=540>
<INPUT NAME=“Home Phone” VALUE="" MAXLENGTH=“18” SIZE=18> </TD></TR> <TR><TD
WIDTH=159><B>Work Phone :</TD><TD WIDTH=540> <INPUT NAME=“Work Phone”
VALUE="" MAXLENGTH=“18” SIZE=18> </TD></TR> <TR><TD WIDTH=159><B>Best Time
to Call :</TD><TD WIDTH=540> <INPUT NAME=“Best Time To Call” VALUE=""
MAXLENGTH=“18” SIZE=18> </TD></TR> <TR><TD WIDTH=159><B>E-Mail :</TD><TD
WIDTH=540><INPUT NAME=“email” VALUE="" MAXLENGTH=“35” SIZE=35> </TD></TR>
<TR><TD WIDTH=159><B>Comments :</TD><TD WIDTH=540> <TEXTAREA NAME=“Comments”
VALUE=“Reset”></CENTER> </FORM> <HR>
<K><CENTER>© 1997 - JT’s Restaurants, Inc. - All rights reserved. </CENTER>

And of course, some spammer addresses to use:

JS Enterprises
K.A. Box 278 Clovis, CA 93613 USA
K.B. Box 276 Bellmawr, NJ 0809 701 South Capital of Texas Highway Suite C-1244
Austin, Texas 78746 USA TSF Marketing
K.C. Box 4914 Ontario, CA 91761 ^^^Travel^^Guide$^^^ 16787 Beach Blvd Suite#225
Huntington Beach, Ca. 92647 Precious Times Publications 18551 Chase Street
Northridge, California 91324 B&M Marketing International, 172 Boston
Street, Dept. S1, Coventry, RI 02816 NET-2000 2887 North Green Valley
Parkway Suite #809 Henderson, NV 89014 4676 Commercial St. SE Suite 201
Salem, Oregon 97302 2321 E. 52nd. Box #48 Indianapolis, IN 46205-1469
K.D. Box 72 Peewee Valley, KY 40056-0072
K.E. Box 787 Pullman, WA 99163 46088-B Larson Beach Road Loon Lake, WA 99148 PO
BOX 606 Hilton, NY 14468-0606
K.F. Box 335 Midland Park, NJ 07432 Michael Waddell 2245 Peach Ave. #8 Clovis,
CA 93612 14341 Inglewood Ave., #183 Hawthorne, CA 90250 1525 Aviation
Blvd., Suite 360 Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Just use some fake name along with the address.

If anyone finds info on these dirtbags, pass it along to


Annoy a Spammer: http://www.angelfire.com/ca/theantispammer/spam.html

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