I've had enough

Dear Group,

After having posted here for more than four years, I am on the edge of
quitting my regular presence in rec.sport.unicycling. I’ve had enough
of the continual breakdowns of the gateway between the newsgroup and
the forum, and the hassle I feel I have to go through when it happens
(alerting, reposting, catching up). For various reasons the forum
interface doesn’t appeal to me, so I use a newsgroup reader. But if my
posts don’t get through on the forum and I can’t read the posts made
on the forum I’m sort of in a vacuum.

I sincerely thank you all for your comraderie, good advice, humour and
all the other good things. Without this newsgroup I would never have
picked up unicycling, let alone the cool skills that I can now do, or
aspire to do. Of course I plan to continue riding, but maybe without
the inspiration from all of you it will fade away.

I will keep checking from time to time if the connection is up but if
not, I just give up. I can’t handle this anymore.

Klaas Bil

P.S. I may not read responses in this thread. PM’s via the forum site
should work, as do emails.
Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Heck, even my toes were aching from trying to grip the soles of my shoes! - Tommy Thompson”

Re: I’ve had enough

on the off-chance that u do chech the responses to this thread, may i just say KLAAS!! PLEASE DONT GO!!! :astonished:
to lose a voice of reason and our stats fundi in one fell swoop would simply be too much to bear
give the web forum interface just one more try?

To paraphrase Arnold, one of his countrymen, “He’ll be back”.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

a glitch in the matrix… :astonished:

Re: I’ve had enough

Thanks for all the support, which only made it to my screen now that
the connection is back up. My post was interpreted a bit too
dramatically; I said I won’t poke around anymore when the connection
is down again. And since it was now down longer than ever before, I
was beginning to suspect that Gilby is just not interested to invest
effort (and money?) in just a few percent of the community. In which
case I might be out forever. In fact I liked the hour extra per day

And even if I would start using the forum (which I DON’T plan to),
there would be no statistics page at the end of the year.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Heck, even my toes were aching from trying to grip the soles of my shoes! - Tommy Thompson”

Re: Re: I’ve had enough

yeah i felt ditched myself but in another way…the extra time though has been a blessing and when it really comes down to it,i think another unicycling forum or news group may be a good idea.a stable one without dictators and snipers.

Re: Re: Re: I’ve had enough

There is always the one at muniac.com, oh nevermind.:smiley: