I've had enough

Dear Group,

After having posted here for more than four years, I am on the edge of quitting my regular presence in rec.sport.unicycling. I’ve had enough of the continual breakdowns of the gateway between the newsgroup and the forum, and the hassle I feel I have to go through when it happens (alerting, reposting, catching up). For various reasons the forum interface doesn’t appeal to me, so I use a newsgroup reader. But if my posts don’t get through on the forum and I can’t read the posts made on the forum I’m sort of in a vacuum.

I sincerely thank you all for your comraderie, good advice, humour and all the other good things. Without this newsgroup I would never have picked up unicycling, let alone the cool skills that I can now do, or aspire to do. Of course I plan to continue riding, but maybe without the inspiration from all of you it will fade away.

I will keep checking from time to time if the connection is up but if not, I just give up. I can’t handle this anymore.

Klaas Bil

P.S. I may not read responses in this thread. PM’s via the forum site should work, as do emails.

Re: I’ve had enough

Hi Klass,

We haven’t met, but I want to say I’ll personally miss your presence here. I have learned many things from your posts, and been inspired by scenes very removed from my world.

I confess to not understanding how the technical issue can be so frustrating as to drive you away. I know there’s the old school usenet aspect, etc., but as someone who has only used the forum interface, I have to say it has always worked fine. Maybe ignorance is bliss in my case, but “interface disconnect” seems like a weak reason to bail on a community that you’re an integral part of. If the party sucks in the living room, move into the kitchen. Maybe things are cooking better in there…

The sad $.02 from here…


Sorry to hear…
i havn’t met you either but on the forums you’re always friendy and give good advice i’ll be sad to loose another member…

Good Luck in all you do especially unicycling! :wink:


Ya know, I’m reasonably new here and dont know you well so i took you for granted. But, now that i know your gone i miss you very much, please return to me

Hope that if you are not posting here, you will go out an ride or something else that brings you joy.

Take care.

It sucks when technical difficulties make internet stuff frustrating. I hope they sort it out soon so you can get on with your Usenet use without problems. Have fun doing what you do, and maybe we will hear from you from time to time. See ya Klaas! :slight_smile: Keep taking Grote Sem, Kleine Sem, de Dame and het Beest out for rides, and watch out for Kutbeests!

Klaas Bil’s name has two a’s and one s.

I can’t say I have had these problems. I know I have said my goodbyes, but I have not got my muni yet:(. Anyways I am also leaving for a while too, do what I am doing klass leave for a while so you can ride more :D. I will be updating on my progress with the muni but that’s bout it really what ever you do don’t stop riding!


If it must be so then farewell; may your “checking back from time to time” be frequent and often…


You will be missed. Pop back soon…

Nearly all the unicyclists I know I have been through this community so I hate to see them leave.


We will miss you Klaas, however, please give the forum interface a valid try. It’s the only one I know and I can’t imagine wading through hundreds of emails to get the same interaction with all these great people.

Goodbye letters on fourms always seem funny to me 99.9% of the time the person is back a week later…
If that’s not the case then adios forever…if it is then see ya in a week :stuck_out_tongue:

I second that.

I have a lot of frustration with anything computer related and know what a misery it can be.

But the forum is sound when you get used to it, and you are a major contributor- it’d be a shame to lose you over something like this.

he has yet to post back, he is gone, oh yes…gone :frowning:

sweet hes gone

In the voice of Obie Wan Kanobe: “Uuuse the foruum, Klaas”

Please don’t leave us. I would personally sacrifice Unibrow to the internet gods to get you back.


ya well i’ll personally kick you in the go-nads if u dont shut the hell up, then i’ll feed u to the internet gods.

:smiley: The perfect, predicted response! (My tribute to my friend Klaas. Some of you will remember…)

I got on a newsreader to look at R.S.U., and Klass’s post is all that shows of this thread. (My guess is that he posted it both places.?!) Those who don’t use the web forum aren’t seeing any of this follow-up.

One reply to the earlier post about the disconnect said that he rather liked the drop in volume. Not so much to wade through.:frowning:

a few things made it through to usenet but not much, you can have a look online here

dude i like your video’s and think that your most likely a cool guy in person but why do you have to be such a jack-ass online?