ive got my bc wheel now

i made my own bc wheel out of a coaster hub and two l brackets and it is working great had to work out some bug but its good now and im averageing
8-10 metre runs with it and could i please have some advice for riding as im have a little trouble balencing

does bc wheeling help to learn costing and gliding? :thinking:

Picture 21.jpg

Picture 22.jpg

its hard to see those pics, so i’ll just ask, do those L brackets bend at all? and how far down are yours from the axel?

those bractets dont bend and the horizontal bits are abot 2thirds or an inch down

lower the plates and it’ll get easier.

answering your gliding coasting queestion…yes it will help a teeny tiny bit but not much…see when you ride bc your feet sit below the axel which is way easier than having all of your weight rest way above the central pivot point(axel.)

It won’t help at all for gliding because the balance is completely different but it may help a little bit for coasting. Coasting is alot harder than riding a bc wheel.