I've found my coaster uni!

The Green Machine!

Chances are it’s the same hub used by SWAT on their coaster uni (right click/save target for video), except this one has a 20" tire and brake. I’m going to Toy’s R Us tonight to check it out. I’d have to either modify or get a new frame. Though if it’s from the same company as the SWAT coaster, the main caps/bearings will probably be too wide for, say, a Yuni frame.

Someone from SWAT - what exactly did your wheel come off of?

Looks like retail price is $100 USD, but I found one on ebay for $65.

I’m so excited!

in the fifties (my! how time goes by!)
we, kids, used to have such machines (whose name could be losely translated to “rowing-cycles”)

they went out of fashion … probably because they proved dangerous for kids.
(may be this model succeeded in being more innocuous
but may be it’s just an illustration of the principle “if you wait long enough the same error will pop up again”)


It was something very close to that, but it had more of a traditional handlebar system.

Ours had brake bosses, but I decided to be totally retarded and cut them off.

I believe it was called a “mirco mini spin” or something like that.

I found it in the trash…so I can’t really remember.

(Build cost tally- $1.09) :smiley:

OH the Green Machine is great! A friend of mine has one, and it’s much fun! We ride it down his extremely steep driveway, then turn really sharply at the end and either do a 180 and keep going, or just flip over.

I should be a dick and outbid you. :smiley:

Edit: Or buy it now rather…

They’re a store, so I imagine they have more than one. But now I see that they only ship through Greyhound, plus charge $11 to package it.

Edit: Shipping through Greyhound would be $41.85!

If you wait you’ll prolly find some guy selling one for like 31 cents…

The one that Nick made had a fork and just stuck a seat post in it. That one you would need a fork to put on it.

Does anybody remember a pedal vehicle called the X-15? These came out probably in the late 1960s and were probably common in neighborhoods across America, named after the rocket plane of the same name.

They had pedals on the front wheel (a precursor to the Big Wheels of the 70s), and also the two sticks for steering the rear wheels. Who knows, these new toys might be made using the same old tooling from back then!

I do not know if the old X-15s had a freewheel or not. Just wondering if anyone else remembers them.


So are you speaking for everybody? Because I still remember it…

Or should everybody who doesn’t remember chime in as well, like “posting ‘Me too’ like some braindead AOLer?”

Toys R Us has it for $80.

I called Huffy Replacement Parts and they have just the front wheel (no cranks or pedals) for $32 total (includes shipping), however, they won’t sell it to you unless you actually have the item already… but you could go to your nearest toy store and get the part number and serial number off it and claim that you had it.

Awesome! What about bearings? I dont know what we did but I think ours comes with bearings…does that one?

Ouch, point taken, sorry. :frowning:

EDIT: Misunderstude post

If any one get gets those numbers to order just the front please post.

Walmart has them for $60