I've decided to sell ALL my unis and move on...

Yep, the title says it all. I’ve just become bored with riding unis and want to move on to something else.

So after a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I want to become a Shepard!;)Happy April fools!:stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :):smiley:

dude you scared me for a moment there!!! also i have dicided to use yello text from now on

april fools! ha. ha. sigh,

so am i sereiouly

april fools

Sorry. I knew it the second I saw it. Happy April Fool’s day, Terry.

me too.

considering it was april fools day here yesterday i’d already had my fair share of them.

but good one anyway, i was thinking of doing something like this but nobody really cares enough about me for it to have an impact like yours would.

You made me open this quick! Wondering what could have happened all of a sudden… NO more videos? Glad it was just an April fool’s joke.

I decided to get Negroplasty.

Hey Terry, I was sure you were moving on to a 36" wheel.

OH that was a good one, terry.

You almost had me.


I am going to stop riding my unicycle and start riding a bike.

april fools…

you had me hoping to get a KH 20 for pretty cheap then I thought… wait todays is april 1st OOOoooohhhhh… it’s an april fools day joke…