ive been unicycling for 4 days

o.k ive been unicycling for 4 days, and already i can free mount ride forwards forever and turn and carry on riding. i was just wandering what i should learn next and am i learning at a good speed here. :thinking: i got my unicycle for christmas you see

Have you learnt how to ride backwards or freemounting yet?? If you have, may i suggest idling or riding one footed :smiley: :D. oh and welcome to unicyclist.com hodgieman. If you have any questions you can PM me or ask anyone on this forum any questions you may have.

Have fun

lol thanks glad to be here. yeah i can free mount ive bin trying to idle so that i can start bunny hopping because i want to do trials. i can bunnyhop on the road just not onto things. yeah ill try idling but not one footed yet lol. any tips on bunny hopping higher, also when i ride up the curb half the time my pedels arent horizontal they are vertical so i cant bunnyhop, how do i solve this

For the vertical pedal thing. I sometimes have this problem also. So i would try idling so you could get to the point of the pedals being horizontal so you could try bunny hopping. Also if you’re learning to bunny hopping this may help you like it helped me hodgieman.

Bunny hopping

Hoped this helped

ok thanks ill give the bunny hopping tutorial a go and then post my results.

Good luck with the bunny hopping my good friend. Hope it all works out for you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Take care

im going to try it right now even though its raining lol

lol it works i can bounce 5 or 6 times now and carry on riding

congratulations, you’re at your first step to becoming a trials rider!

:smiley: :smiley: this is a pat on the back. :smiley:

lol thanks but im still struggling to get the height would it help if my seat was lower

It depends. some people that ride seat in have there seat normal and others have it really low but since you want to do trials maybe lower it just a little bit. When you get to doing sif trials you might want to put it where it fells normal or even higher. I can barlly(sp and don’t fell like checking it) when I’m seat in because I have my sat high for hopping sif. Also how high can you hop right now? since I’m done i’ll say this. good job on the riding so far

right now im practising my hopping and i can get up curbs which is pretty good since i only started trying yesterday, ill try with my seat lower

:smiley: Stop posting and go Ride you will get a hole lot better faster then typing all the time. :smiley:

ive tried it but its hard when its raining and pitch black lol thats why im on here

Woohoo! Another trials rider! Go watch a Ryan Atkins vid for some inspiration.

okay i will, so how long you been trial riding everybody? how long did it take before you could hop up curbs everytime

I have been riding trials since September, but it took me about a month to get up a curb… but I am learning to hop to the left as well as the right, so now its kind of back to the drawing board for me… at least hopping to the left.

Why must we be compared to the inferior Bunny?! :thinking:

no idea, just call it hopping, thats good. ive bin trying to hop up curbs for 2 days now i can do it to the left most times but i havnt tried to the right