Ivan comes to England

Amanda makes a video.

Edd like video!

hey nice one ivan! Shame my sidehop was horrible but ehehe.

good work! loving those skinnies

Kudos for Pendulum

Super riding!

Especially liked the production of the video, changing scenes with the music, music with the content. The anticipation built with those few partial clips near the beginning, and the the delivery by the end. All worked well. Busy fast paced music with quick short clips. Results: Fun and exciting feel.

Actually I was Ivan’s stunt double for the Tiverton shots.

You can’t see the join, can you?

It’s over two months old now. I was in England end of May/beginning of June.

And Blue, you’re a pretty decent stunt double except for getting drunk all the time and starting fights with homeless people and getting confused for human-sized animals and tripping over your shoe-laces. Oh, and teasing policemen. And trying to join hoodie gangs. And running your online alcohol outlet during work hours. And not resembling me much. But you’re still good man.

Great video guys. I wish I were there. Ivan should visit england more often so you guys can make more videos haha.

haha I never new you filmed me. Great vid, great riding and the editing brilliant like usual. Was realy cool riding with you Ivan, make sure you give us a shout again next time your over here. I guess your not coming to BUC?

Big up for Ivan and Amanda!

Great video dudes. Shame I didnt catch you while you were here mate…

You have been practicing have you not!!! Great riding!!


Nice I really liked that video!!! Good editing, nice moves.

Awesome… not much if any difference from the version you sent me the other week lol. Brilliant vid!

And smooth editing Amanda.

What programme did you use?

Thank you for the cool comments, people. It was really great riding with all the nice English people.

I don’t think I’m going to BUC, but I might come down to England for a little bit this autumn maybe. Would love to ride with you guys again.

Joe, you must come down and visit me in Prague. Great beer there!