IV EMM (Mountain Unicycle Convention) Madrid, Spain

IV EMM (Mountain Unicycle Convention / Unicycle Convention in the Mountains)

When: May 1, 2 and 3

Where: Madrid (in the mountains!!) .If you fly to Madrid Barajas we can pick you up at the airport.

Why: Fun, fun, fun!!! Muni, trials, games, party, hockey.

Info: The IV EMM (Encuentro de Monociclos de Montaña) is currently the most important Unicycle Convention in Spain. It will take place in the mountains of Madrid from May 1 to 3. It is a convention in Cercedilla, in the mountains near Madrid. There will be Muni rides (downhill), natural trials contest, hockey tournament and lots of more things to do!! Fun games, videos, social events and shows.

There will be beds for sleep and the food will be included with the registration price.

You can see here photos from last year convention:

And also some videos:

Soon more information will be updated, stay tune!!!

Do you have questions, e-mail us:
monociclos at monociclos.com or carlosbauinf at gmail.com

did you uni in a church? that´s awful.

roughly how much to register please

Prices for registration have not been announced yet. But the registration price for last year’s event was 65 euros (about $83) for three days and that price included all the meals, bed and a t-shirt. The registration price this year should be more or less the same. When the organizers have all the information I’m going to post it here.

Thanks for asking!

The prices last year were 65 euros, but for 5 days. This year it will be certainly be cheaper, because it will be only 3 days.

Last year we had more vacation days, that’s why it was longer. As soon as the registrations are opened, we’ll put it her.

Thanks Carlos for putting it here!:slight_smile:

PS By the way, it is the V EMM, not the IV EMM, there has been a missunderstanding about it.

Great, I must make it this year !!!
Carlos, are you also plan to come ?

I believe he is! Past year he told me about it…

I wish I could go to meet Alex and all the guys, but I must focus on UNICON…

For everbody in Europe: it will be awesome… The spanish unicyclists are really friendly and fun… Also good riders! That’s definitely something you can not lose!

It’s a shame that I’m so far… :o

Hi Olaf and Pedro,

Definitely this is going to be a great and fun event, but I will not be able to go to that event this year. :frowning:

But they are going to have another big event (www.emdma.com) in July and I will really try to go to that one. The summer EUC is right after that event and I will try to go too.

Hope to see you again some day!

WOW that makes my chances to make EUC bigger than ever :smiley:

I will report that to my dad and to my sponsors now :stuck_out_tongue: Hope to see you in there Carlos :smiley:

Hi everyone!!

The registrations are already opened. You can register here:


Here are the registered people:


And some last year’s pics:


Come on everybody, it’s going to be great!!

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