IUF World Records Committee

As most of you know, Andy Cotter is the Chair of the IUF Rulebook Committee. Andy is preparing for his Alps Unicycle Tour and has asked me to make this request in his stead.

On about May 16, 2005, the Rulebook Committee passed Proposal 13: IUF World Records to establish an IUF World Records Committee. (You can read the proposal here.)

Some of the tasks of this committee are spelled out in the proposal itself, while others will need to be determined by the World Records Committee after it is created. The second order of business for the committee is to develop a charter to establish a set of objectives and an approach to accomplish them. This task is specified in the proposal itself.

The first order of business, however, it to recruit talent for various roles, including committee members, advisors, etc. And that brings us to the purpose of this post…

If you would like to volunteer to work on or with the World Records Committee, please first read the proposal and comments, and then send me an email at public_account at birdknob dot com.

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the work of this committee in the effort to legitimize unicycling as a self-administered sport among sports. Developing our own credible and viable approach to world records is an important step for us. It will sometimes be hard work, but it will be greatly rewarding.

The IUF and Rulebook Committee have a number of goals for this committee. One very important goal is that it is representative of the IUF. Thus, the IUF and Rulebook Committee have a strong interest in international representation on the World Records Committee in both committee membership and advisory capacities.

In addition, however, there are a number of “technical” issues that will likely confront the committee, technical in both the cycling and computer senses of the word. Having talent available to engage when needed will not be a luxury. It will be a necessity.

Please feel free to include in your email any information about yourself that you think might be helpful.




Anybody interested in being on the committee?

IUF President

I left it earlier because I was kind of tied up organising the LUT and NZUNI Federation, and training for the AUT. But I said I would so you can count me in :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response Gizmo!

A quick search of titles only shows that there have been over 20 world record related threads on this forum, including:

-WR for highest sidehop question - here
-WR for the longest ride ever on a unicycle question - here
-list of Unicycling Guiness World Records - here
-question of WR for the amount of weight carried on a unicyle - here

  • and more…

If there is this much curiosity and enthusiasm for tracking and setting world records, there must also be a substantial interest in developing and implementing the strategies for tracking and managing our own unicycling world records.

See my other recent post on this subject on the world records… thread.

Who’s next?

I’m looking to set the world records for most falls and most miles pushing a Muni. :smiley: I’m pretty sure I already have the second one, time will tell on the first.

I would gladly volunteer for thing but there are a number of factors that keep me from jumping out and saying I can deffenatlly do the job.

  1. I dont really have the finacial situation that allows me to travel much, so I dont know if I would qualify for traveling to many record attempts.

  2. My knowledge of the IUF is quite limited, I know the basics of the orginization but have not participated in a Unicon or been active in the rule discussions to date.

  3. There are a few other smaller things but they are not worth typing out at the moment.

Checkernuts: great points each of them. Thanks.

I suspect that Checkers speaks for many of us. Let me try to address those points.

I don’t think travel is much of a factor. Some travel may be helpful. But the committee’s work and meetings will mostly be “virutal” in that we figure out such things as what world records to keep, how to measure them, how to ensure they are “official”, how to communicate them. We probably won’t have many face to face meetings unless they are combined with a big event of some sort. Again, never say never, but we are all volunteers here.

Knowledge of the IUF is a helpful but not a necessary prerequisite to volunteer. Get engaged now and you will know whatever there is to know. (As JF’s signature says: “Read the rules!”) There will be lots of research required, and technical work as well. I use the word “technical” in two senses, including specifying the acceptable conditions of a WR, and in the computer sense of (probably) a database application.

I suspect there are a lot of niggling little things that keep others from responding. Let’s get past them and get involved.

Thanks again Checkernuts!

I’m going to think it over a bit before making a commitment that I can not actually stand behind, but it looks like I can help out with the IUF WR thinger.

What would the commitment entail in terms of time? Granted, we all have enough time to surf the fora and take part in various flame wars :D, what would the WR committe demand in terms of time commitments? Is there a “term” of service, and will there be a “window of opportunity” in which to join?

As for myself, I’m going to be tied up for a few months, but would like to become more active in the unicycling community. I have a few technical (in the scientific and computing sense of the term) talents that I’d be happy to contribute, but I’d need to come “up to speed” with the group as I’ve never been involved in any “official” unicycling business…

Well, after deep thought and consideration, I am throwing my hat into the ring as well. It’s not likely that I will be setting any world records myself, but I can help with others efforts. So in some way I will be putting my fingerprint on the future world records. Kind of cool if you think about it. How often can you be involved in something that will have an influence on a world wide basis. Looking forward to working with Jeffrey and everyone else that volunteers for this. Chad

Thanks for all those that volunteered for the committee. It looks like we have enough people to now get the committee officially approved by the IUF Board and start making progress.

As I’m sure you are dying to know who is on the committee, I’ll post a message with the names of the committee members after it gets officially approved (hopefully soon but I would advise against holding your breath).

There are still spots open for advisors to the committee. An advisor is someone who has knowledge in the area of world records, unicycling world records, or some technical aspect that would benefit the committee.


For what reason is there so suddenly interrest from the "I"UF for getting their hands on world-records?

We should have done it a long time ago. We have always tracked results from our own competitions, but it has become more and more obvious that the IUF should be a resource where people can go to find out what records are. Guinness would rather get their information and standards from us (or some other organization) than have to make them up every time someone wants to break a record.

So basically, this has not been sudden. It’s way overdue!

BTW, I will be a participant in the committee as an advisor, or IUF Board member, or whatever.

Re: IUF World Records Committee

Thanks for your input, Leo.

John Foss’s comments on history provide more insight than I could offer.

I would like to stress an important aspect of the original post, namely the high level of IUF interest in international representation on this effort.

I posted the same post on the German language uni forum. (I’m limited in my facility with languages to English and German, or I’d have posted it elsewhere.)

I hope Leo’s comment can be interpreted as a willingness to engage. Thanks again for offering your thoughts.

Only if your freedom and rights are in danger. Please keep in mind

  • The very first proposal to found the IUF came from someone carrieng the Dutch nationality
  • The EU started after the Benelux started, wich was initiated by The Netherlands

so beware blaming Dutch for preventing disasters brewed elsewhere.
If you want more explain on the Dutch NO!, please start a topic in JC, and I’ll respond there.

In feb 2004 some "I"UF response was welcome, and suggested, but (as far as I know) nothing official came.
So yes, the need for this may be old… If it was way overdue allready it only makes wonder even more why this thing suddenly seems to be pushed.
Is this a preparation for something special planned comming up?

Which guaranties at least more expertiece, and common sense than Guinness has of itself, and will prevent false claims like Steve McPeak’s.

Nope, I’d like to stay a neutral observer.

At this moment it’s currently impossible to enter new (never done before) records at Guinness.
I expect this commitee to bring a welcome opening.

Also open access to a database of excisting records is a big advantage.

But one “fear” I do have is that the "I"UF is gonne take over Guinness’ descionmaking (by lazyness in England), and so will become impossible to get Guinness-records published by unicyclists that don’t wish to deal with the "I"UF who’d by then would have a certain monopoly.

Broken world records are usually published in the Guinness book once the involved international sport union confirms a record. If unicycle worldrecords currently are not, it (in deed) shows the poor accreditation the "I"UF still has obtained over the years of it’s excistance (and the mentioned need for action). In my opinion another reason to consider becomming part of the UCI which I mentioned elsewhere before.