IUF webside down?

Is anybody able to load the iuf homapage (unicycling.org)? I try it since monday … without success.
Is there any mirror of the current rulebook (rev 2016)?

It’s not loading for me.

Hasn’t worked for me for a week.

It works now.

Yaay! I think it was down for quite a while!

Nice! Good to have it back working.

So now that this website is back up, can someone tell me why it has an apparent rival, Unicyclist.org? Are there warring political factions within our one-wheeled world?

For every skill listed on Unicyclist, there is a helpful video link, even though the names of most of these skills are self-explanatory. The Unicycling website, on the other hand, lists all sorts of very radical-sounding moves and has no video. I don’t know what a “kosh-kosh” is, and wasn’t even able to find one on You Tube!

Also, Unicycling has some very strange skill groupings. For Freestyle Level 2, it lists 1ft wheel walk right next to “Ride 3 circles.” Am I missing something? Has there ever been a unicyclist anywhere who could wheel walk (one-footed, no less!) but could not ride in a circle?

My general impression is that Unicycling’s mission is to designate skill levels for more advanced riders, but it’s not entirely clear. Perhaps the two websites should somehow merge, but then again, 100 years ago, that’s what some people were still saying about the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks!

Did you see in Extreme Level 6 one of the skills is called Sexchange? I don’t know what that is, but whatever it is, I’m not doing it.

I watched it! It appears to be a switch from seat in front to seat in back - but it was a very small screen so I couldn’t see any detail of what happened in the middle…

Woah. You can ride in little circles? :sunglasses:

I don’t understand that either. Nor the presentation, that doesn’t make obvious the fact that the levels on display are a proposal, that isn’t officially backed by the IUF. There is the older set of 10 levels, which they recommend against not using (and apparently don’t even list). That older set was mainly Freestyle focused, but at least the skills in it were in fairly logical progression.

The levels presented on the IUF website are an attempt to provide skill progressions for the various unicycling disciplines. This has never been easy, in part because some disciplines lend themselves much better to having progressively harder things to try, while others are more about being able to jump higher/farther, ride faster, or hit the ball with the stick. :slight_smile:

Leo Vandewoestijne’s site is a blog, containing whatever he wants to share or tell about. The best part of his site is his massive video section. Many of the clips are fairly old (in Internet years) so they tend to be small, and presented in some old-fashioned formats. But nearly everyone should still be able to play at least one of those formats, making that area a very valuable resource.

The name is based on the potential dangers (for males) of a fast-moving saddle passing through that area while you are riding.

Koosh-koosh, BTW, is one of the only skills in the Standard Skill List (for Standard Skill competition) that was named for its sound rather than its mechanics. The names of most of the skills are designed to be easy to figure out, and to still retain some meaning when translated to other languages. Koosh koosh at least meets the second criteria.

The sound is of your foot slide-stopping on the tire. One foot is on the fork, with the toe area on the tire. This is the stopper. The other foot is pushing the top of the tire rearward. The movement is push-stop, push-stop etc., which makes sort of a kooshing sound.

They need to add the Unicycle Triple Lindy. :smiley:

There were some hardware problems with the servers. Unicycling.org alongside EUC website and some other were down for quite a while unfortunately and not all had back up.

Everything is back online now though.

That never was intended to be - so no.

That is what was the intention; as seeing somebody doing something motivates better than having only text.
And started 4 years (actual years) before YouTube, who invested big in new formats (and invested in kindly killing codec competitors).

Yes, well, one-footed I don’t know, but I know a story of German person who visited Kenya, and showed unicycling in a village. Of all enthousiast kids one was determined to learn, …but too small to reach the pedals. However, he saw the wheelwalk, and so practised for days, with succes. So when the owner was about to leave… s/he didn’t dare to take the unicycle back home. I must have a picture of the kid, learning on a field with many branches and such.

Merge? No, unicyclist.org will be split into unicycle.blog and unicycle.how
But higher on my todo list is making unicycle.tv functional again.

Yeah, that’s what monopoly capitalists do, along with dropping bombs on people to open up new markets or whatever.

The videos on your web page are extremely helpful, Leo, and the fact that they are small, primitive and silent does not bother me at all. My Internet access is rationed by my cell phone company, and anyway, if I am just trying to find a video that shows how to return to the pedals after a wheel walk, I don’t need to be blasted with loud music and high-resolution graphics. Incidentally, I’m curious what sort of shoes you wear for wheel walking, as my Converses are getting devoured…

If you find that photo from Kenya, please post!

It’s from Kaskade, #45 (1997), page 35:

Cool! I think I remember reading that article. Somewhere around here, I may still have it, in English!