IUF seeks volunteer writers, editors, translators, etc.

The International Unicycling Federation is planning on launching, or continuing,
to publish a unicycling newsletter. We are currently seeking people who are
interested in writing, doing layout, sending letters to unicycing event hosts,
and editing newsletters in various languages.

This is a volunteer position, like every other IUF job, including mine. To work
on a newsletter requires no special skills, no exceptional writing talents, not
even great spelling ability; just the interest and desire to get involved and
make something.

What do you get from this? If you are like me, you get a free, informal,
education about writing and newsletter production. You get to make contact with
interesting unicycle people all over the world. If you go to events, you get to
eventually meet these people in the flesh. For me, an interest in unicylcing,
and unicycle newsletters, has led me to travel all around the world and have
experiences that could never be bought.

Come and join us, as we build the IUF into a real, recognized, source of
unicycling information and wisdom.

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation unifoss@cerfnet.com