IUF Rules Committee starting up -- join in if interested

Rule fans,

This message is about going back to work with the IUF Rulebook Committee. It’s
time to start working on the next round of improvements, clarifications, adds,
and otherwise changes to our book. Lots of interesting ideas have been tossed
around for different approaches to unicycle competition, and new events have
been developed. There were many experiences at UNICON X that gave us food for
thought for possible changes.

If you would like to have a voice in this process, please let me know. We will
run the committee via e-mail, with snail mail to parties who need to be involved
but are unable to join us electronically. I would like to have at least one
representative from each of the major unicycling countries if possible.

There will be two kinds of Rules Committee members: voting members, and

Voting members will be required to follow all discussions, and submit their
votes on various rule proposals. You will have to maintain consistent attendance
in voting sessions to remain a voting member.

Advisors will be “lurkers” in our posts, who may offer suggestions, ideas, or
advice but might specialize in certain topics and not follow all rules
discussion. Advisors will not vote.

This preliminary message is to invite people into the 2000 committee. I will
contact members of the committee from our previous round of changes also, to see
who will still be included. Everybody who was involved at that time is still
counted as a member, but we will now offer you all the chance to be either
Voters or Advisors. Why? I think this system will make it easier for some people
to participate when they know they can’t follow all the discussions but have
valuable information to offer.

If you would like to participate in the IUF Rules Committee, please let me know.
Specify which kind of participant you would like to be. We may create a separate
email list to host our discussions (they will not take place on
rec.sport.unicycling or iuf-discuss).

Thank you. I will follow this post with one that lists some of the ideas that
have been suggested or thought up for changes we can make or ideas people have.
These will be done in this large forum to encourage people to add theirs.

Stay on top, John Foss President, International Unicycling Federation President,
Unicycling Society of America (reply to jfoss@unicycling.com)

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone http://www.unicycling.com

“Dirt: it’s not just for breakfast anymore.” - MUni Weekend 2000 T-shirt (idea
by Jacquie)