IUF Rulebooks ready for download!


The 1998 International Unicycling Federation Rulebook is once again available
for download from the IUF web site. It had been taken off a few weeks ago due to
formatting and other technical problems with the files. The new ones have a much
cleaner look, and all the graphics should be in there, where they belong.

You have a choice of three different versions at the moment, with a fourth
on the way:

  1. iufr0298.doc - This is a Word 6.0 document. The file is kind of large, and
    this one is intended for people who need to perhaps print it, but want to
    squeeze it onto less pages, or make other formatting changes. Making changes
    in the actual content invalidates it as a rulebook.

  2. iufr98lt.pdf - This is an Adobe Acrobat file. You can download the free
    (not shareware) Adobe Acrobat Viewer to read or print this document. The
    viewer is available from www.adobe.com, or nearly anyplace where software
    downloads are. This version of the rulebook is set up to print on letter
    paper (8 1/2 x 11").

  3. iufr98a4.pdf - Same as above, but this one is set up for printing on A4 (210
    x 297mm) paper.

  4. Not yet available, there will soon be an HTML version as well, on multiple
    pages and with hyperlinks to make it easier to read and cross-reference.

Below is technical information. Only read on if you’re interested…

The Word document was created from the excellent work done by Wolfgang
Stroessner. I switched two of the heading styles to make the greatest emphasis
on the section headings. I also removed some of the white space from each style
to fit a little more on each page, but there is still plenty of white space.

The page breaks may look funny, because this document is designed to be printed
on whatever size paper may be needed. The previous rulebook would only print
well on letter paper, which is not available in many parts of the world.

In the pdf versions, the page breaks can be cleaned up later, along with some
other techinical problems, like the line on the cover page. If anyone knows how
to make that line go away, please help. This is a line up the right-hand side of
the big IUF logo graphic.

Your comments are welcome. I will be working on the HTML version this week.

John Foss, Chairman IUF and USA Rules Committees www.calweb.com/~unifoss