IUF Rulebook 2002 - Long/High Jump...

I just had the 66 pages of the IUF Rulebook that I printed out bound today (which looks really nice) and have been skimming through. I did a little search on the copy I’ve got on the computer and couldn’t find anything about rules for unicycle long and high jump. Are they not official IUF events? Where can i find the rules for them?



High jump and long jump rules are not included in the IUF’s 2002 IUF Competition Rulebook. These events are not part of the scoring system for the overall world racing championship. They are not required events at a UNICON.

For high jump and long jump rules, see Sections 2.32 and 2.34, respectively, of the USA’s 2002 Official Competition Rulebook.

Tom Daniels

Secretary / Treasurer, International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.


Thanks a lot for that, but I could only find up to the 2001 Rulebook. Could you please direct me to the 2002 one?


Here is the PDF file for the 2002 USA rule book

The link is on this page

Thanks John