IUF obstacle course

I was wondering what an average or good time was on the standard IUF obstacle course (can be seen at http://www.einradnews.de/wp-content/uploads/obstacle.jpg ). I remember getting a little under 30 seconds but that was a while ago with my 20" uni. I am also wondering which would be better, the 20" because I can make tighter and more precise turns or my 24" which goes faster and is the one I am more used to.

I can’t help you with what a good time is, but thanks for reminding me that this is something I want to try.

At our annual juggling convention we have a unicycle gym and we do this obstacle course on different size wheels from 16" up to the 36er. On the 36er I think I’ve run the course in 22 or 23 seconds. You should give it a try. It’s a blast.


People mostly use 24” for the obstacle course event because is faster than a 20”. The world record for that event on a 24” is 0:19:23 (Simon Rodler from Germany)

All the fastest riders use 24" wheels with 125 or 140mm cranks. Anything under 22 seconds is pretty good for men, and maybe 23 sec. for women?

I tried to find one on this site and on the net, but coudldn’t find a video of anyone riding the IUF obstacle course.

Can anyone point me toward one?