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from: John Foss <unifoss@cerfnet.com>

Jack Halpern said: “I say lets vote and get started, then we could continue
consolidating the organization based on Craig, Albertos and other opinions.
Right now, without our own newsletter and members of uncertain status (are they
really IUF members), we are too weak. We can worry about the nuts and bolts to
hold the roof later. first we need a strong foundation.”

I agree with this. The IUF has little or no credibility, and no product. We have
talked about it for years, now let’s see if we can actually do it.

Alberto Ruiz said: “I feel that I should not be (and should not be able to be) a
USA member, but I like to receive the OOW.”

An interesting opinion. I don’t agree. I’m a member of the DUU (Denmark) and
JUA (but I don’t get the mag . . .). I consider these memberships mainly as
subscriptions, and as a show of my support for unicycling in those countries.
Just because you don’t live there should not exclude you from a good
unicycling org. On the other hand, you do have FUPR. What does your NA do? I
know you have the occasional show, and you push trucks up hills. I think IUF
may be able to help you.

Ken Fuchs wrote: “We should have an independent newsletter, which could be a
four page monthly, tri-folded, stapled and sent at minimum cost via airmail. We
need more ideas about the newsletter. Please help us out here.” Jack Halpern
wrote: “Agree wholeheartedly. I also think that we should have a Japanese,
Spanish and German version, or at least a summary. Maybe Rolf can find someone
(hinmself?) to do the German version, and if someone can find a way to get
Alberto on the net, maybe he could do the Spanish version.”

Rolf: “I think individually paying members should get their newsletters directly
from the IUF in English. Unicyclists who are IUF members via their NAs should
ask their NAs for translations. This would reduce the amount of work for the
IUF considerably.”

"A)Have somebody initiate the newsletter, probably in English, and have an exact
translation on different languages. The editor would have to Fax or E-Mail me
the articles with time so I can translate them into Spanish & send them back. He
would them mail the finished product from his office in different languages,
according to the preference of the recipient. So all the newsletters will be
identical except for the language. I think Kaskade, the Europpean Juggling
magazine works something like this. They have pretty much the same magazine in
German or English. "B)Somebody has to be in charge of the core news. He
distributes the international, general interest, dates of future activities,
etc. in English to the persons in charge of publishing the newsletters. I
translate them into Spanish, add some local news, and publish the Spanish
version. I am expected to contribute some news to the person in charge of the
core news.

"I think our initial aim should not be very ambitious, or nothing will come of
our plans. Lets start simply.

  1.  The chief editor will summarize and/or mark the parts to be translated
     or summarized.
  2.  Alberto will translate into Spanish, for distribution in Central and
     South America and Spain.
  3.  Rolf will translate into German, for distribution in Germany, Austria
     Switzwerland and perhaps Lichtenstein.
  4.  I will translate into Japanese, for distribution in Japan.
     I am strongly in favor of a newsletter, with or without individual
     membership. Now the bad news. At the present time, I will not commit to
     producing such a newsletter, as I need to get financially established in
     my new state first. I will offer my help to whoever wants to tackle this
     job, as I will also be helping Constance Cotter with ON ONE WHEEL. My
     main suggestion is to keep it simple and make sure it gets out on time!
     There should be a central "news office," where people send their event
     dates, event results, and articles. From here, stuff is written up and
     faxed or emailed to the various translators. The translators produce
     their own versions of the newsletters for their various language groups.
     They are then either mailed out separately, or combined with something
     from the country's NA. Different language newsletters cannot be produced
     at one location unless the person speaks all of the languages.
     Translations come out to all different sizes, and won't fit in a
     standardized page format with specific spaces for articles (German
     always takes up the most room). It makes more sense for each newsletter
     to be produced by the translator (and his or her "team") and sent from
     there via whatever methods are to be used for the countries receiving
     that language.
     If we all agree to go for it, the next step is to locate the workers.
     There are other details to be considered, but let's take one step at a
     time. All of you (non-IUF workers) in unicycle-land are invited to join
     in on this discussion with your opinions. Rather than post back to the
     entire mailing list, please just send to the people cc'd on this post.
     If you would like to be included in newsletter discussions, I'll add you
     to my list.

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation unifoss@cerfnet.com

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