IUF membership - current status and plans

If you are interested in IUF business conducted by the IUF Executive Board, you
can subscribe to the iuf-discuss mailing list:

Send the following single line message to Majordomo@winternet.com (the subject
line is ignored by Majordomo):

subscribe iuf-discuss <replace this with your email address>

Otherwise, currently you must attend a UNICON to become a member. We are
planning to publish a newsletter via email. The IUF is currently without a
newsletter right now. We plan to offer national unicycling organizations and
their members, membership in the IUF in the future. And possibly individual
memberships in addition to those automatically given to all UNICON participants.

Right now, you might also consider membership in the unicycling mailing list as
being an IUF member in every sense except legal. For the moment at least, any
IUF information of general interest will most likely appear on the list first.
You will be notified if and when this changes.


Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com