Iuf levels Vs Beginner (advice and tips)


lvl3 (without the stomach thing):


Hi everybody, I uploaded this creepy videos to receive feedback and advice. The sharp turns and the 8’s should be smother but it’s difficult. Idle with left food and ride backwards it just a matter of time (I’m almost there) but the stomach thing and ride with the seat out back/front are a pain in the ass (any advice?).

I love the kick up mount !! (but the one in the video is a sloppy one xD)

Keep riding !! :smiley:

help on stomach riding: start this with the help of a wall or car, starting with your stomach on the seat. its just practice from there. SIF/SIB: while riding normally, pull your seat in front of you while keeping pressure against your body (legs). learn to ride with the seat in front and against your legs, then later move the seat out more and try to keep stability. seat in back is similar, but not very useful. learn SIF, then stomach, then SIB. and wear protection during all of this. my shins got beat up.

it’s rare cause you can do kick up mounts and all that stuff and you cant smooth ride, or stomach ride, those two for me are far easy, but, idling, or jumping, or doing kick up (i’ve try but don’t get it really)…
when riding with the stomach, start with the seat in a taller position, that make it easy for me, and pedal like if you were uphill, it’s what worked for me

Put some air in your tyres; it will make your circles mor fluently.
Also you sit extremely low! (such that you push yourself out of the seat too easy; you have to have full weight in your seat).
Then… with such a unicycle… you should not jump the 10x10 object, but ride it.

Here you will find a full list with videos.
An iPod/iPhone/iPad video-friendly version is ready, and will be up after the weekend (currently testing to make it compatible with Android).

I ride with 4.2 bar. Also such a wide tyre is not in your benefit here.

While SIF pull the seat as if you would like to pull it off, taht way you’re will be more stable connected to the unicycle. Then, keep your full weight in the seat (just relax and don’t be nervous), and even while doing that, you still can pull the seat.

While doing the transition… slow down and the moment the pedals are horizontal then ‘stand on your toes’, that way it’s easy to pull or push the seat out (or back in).

Thx for the advices. I’ll try to put some air in my tyre but I can’t put the seat any higher because the minimal insertion mark (It’s a trial unicycle), I don’t wanna break my seat-tube :(.

Edit: My tyre recommend a pressure of 2.0-3.4 Ba