IUF help to UNICON!


Remember when we were trying so hard to find a host for UNICON VIII? We finally
found one in Peter Philip (applause). He has never been to a UNICON, and never
hosted a unicycle convention before. We promised him lots of help, and told him
his main concerns were to book the facilities and make sure everything was there
and ready for us so we could come in and help run it.

I hope you all remember this (if you were involved in it).

Now it’s time for us to start assembling the people who will do the various
“official” jobs at the convention, and to make our lists of judges, timers, and
all other possible helpers.

We should not wait for Peter to ask, we told him we would do it for him. Let’s
put together as much as we can, and have him just approve or veto it. Of course
all final decisions about such things are his, because it’s his convention.

These are the main jobs of running the competitive events: RACING OFFICIALS:
Race Director, Referee, Clerk, Starter, Picker, Timer, Recorder, Runner,
Tabulator, Results Poster, Announcer, Obstacle Course Operator and Slow Race
Operator. ARTISTIC OFFICIALS: Artistic Director, Chief Judge, Timer, Judge,
Tabulator, Runner, Announcer, Dj, Rider Liaison, Stage Crew, Results Poster.

Most of these are multiple jobs, requiring multiple people (nobody want’s to do
a one-person job all day). Most of these jobs require little or no training.

We need people to start volunteering their time. We are not asking people to
spend their whole UNICON doing work work work, but if we all help a little, it
makes the event so much better, and rewarding for all of us. For those who have
never been to one, that’s how it usually works, but it only works well if the
help is pre-announced and the host knows help is on its way.

Are these paid positions? Yes, but don’t ask for money. You get the reward of
not just being “at” the UNICON, but being part of it; a much better feeling to
take home with you!

Please announce to iuf-discuss@winternet.com your availability to help out, and
what jobs you would like to do. There will be other jobs as well, perhaps not so
well defined, and I’m sure they will be offered as they come along. Especially
we need experienced judges, timers and track officials.

I have already volunteered to be the Racing Referee. Because I will be
participating in some racing events, a second Referee will be needed for those.
If we are going to use Andy Cotter’s Unicycle Convention Database software to
run things (data entry might be another job), we can even bring in the Artistic
Director and Race Director from outside areas. I have asked Alberto Ruiz to be
the Chief Judge. It also might be nice to have separate Chief Judges for
Freestyle and Standard Skill.

Please announce your availability, and we will put together a great team, well
in advance, so we don’t all get pressured this summer when we’ll have better
things to do!

John Foss, Chairman IUF Skill Levels and Rules Committee unicycle@aol.com