iuf-discuss mailing list archives and readme file text

Hi Everyone!

I’ve just finished restoring the iuf-discuss mail I lost (Jan. 14th - 17th),
updating and reorganizing the iuf-discuss mailing list archives into the years
1994 and 1995.

ftp archive address: ftp.winternet.com

ftp directory (iuf): /users/kfuchs/Unicycling/iuf/

iuf-discuss files:

-rw-r–r-- 536726 Jan 24 20:24 iuf-discuss-1994.text -rw-r–r-- 211765 Jan 24
20:24 iuf-discuss-1994.txt.Z -rw-r–r-- 142710 Jan 24 20:24
iuf-discuss-1994.txt.gz -rw-r–r-- 62143 Jan 24 20:25 iuf-discuss-1995.text
-rw-r–r-- 1241 Jan 24 20:35 iuf-discuss.readme

Other iuf files:

-rw-r–r-- 6784 Oct 2 22:12 iuf-achievement-skill-levels.text -rw-r–r-- 3146
Oct 2 22:12 iuf-achievement-skill-levels.txt.Z -rw-r–r-- 1985 Oct 2 22:12
iuf-achievement-skill-levels.txt.gz -rw-r–r-- 11425 Sep 19 21:31
iuf-by-laws.text -rw-r–r-- 5215 Sep 19 21:31 iuf-by-laws.txt.Z -rw-r–r-- 3990
Sep 19 21:31 iuf-by-laws.txt.gz -rw-r–r-- 8747 Aug 28 19:26
iuf-skill-descript.text -rw-r–r-- 3970 Aug 28 19:26 iuf-skill-descript.txt.Z
-rw-r–r-- 2537 Aug 28 19:26 iuf-skill-descript.txt.gz -rw-r–r-- 73529 Sep 20
09:45 iufrules.msword2.dc.Z -rw-r–r-- 53966 Sep 20 09:45 iufrules.msword2.dc.gz
-rw-r–r-- 163328 Sep 20 09:45 iufrules.msword2.doc -rw-r–r-- 73439 Sep 20
09:32 iufrules.msword6.dc.Z -rw-r–r-- 53849 Sep 20 09:32 iufrules.msword6.dc.gz
-rw-r–r-- 164352 Sep 20 09:32 iufrules.msword6.doc -rw-r–r-- 136043 Oct 1
01:45 iufrules.text -rw-r–r-- 57387 Oct 1 01:45 iufrules.txt.Z -rw-r–r-- 45253
Oct 1 01:45 iufrules.txt.gz

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Note that the unicycling mailing list 1993 and 1994 archives, along with some
old (August 1994) unicycling files are in:


I’m still working on getting a real mailing list (majordomo server) for the
iuf-discuss mailing list. We are still using a clumsy mail alias or simple mail
program reply (to all) for iuf-discuss.

For those of you not familiar with the iuf-discuss list, the iuf-discuss.readme
text follows:

    International Unicycling Federation Discussion Archives

iuf-discuss-199*.text is an archive of IUF business discussion starting with

Rolf Sander sander@mpch-mainz.mpg.d400.de German Rep. Constance Cotter
cotter@cae.wisc.edu IUF Director Craig Miles Rogers rogers@ISI.EDU IUF Director
John Foss unifoss@ix.netcom.com IUF President (new address) Jack Halpern
jhalpern@win.or.jp IUF Vice President Ken Fuchs kfuchs@winternet.com IUF

The following people have been added till now (24 January 1995):

Alberto Ruiz Ruizb@aol.com IUF Director Jocelyn East JEAST@vm1.ulaval.ca Quebec
Rep. Karl Frankowski mfrank@wishep.physics.wisc.edu Mark Schecter
schecter@TFS.COM Andy Cotter cotter@cae.wisc.edu (same address as Constance)
Philippe Quaglia philippe.quaglia@aero.jussieu.fr France Rep.

The following can be used to create a mailing alias for all 12 current members:

Ruizb@aol.com, cotter@cae.wisc.edu, jhalpern@win.or.jp, rogers@isi.edu,
sander@mpch-mainz.mpg.d400.de, unifoss@cerfnet.net, JEAST@vm1.ulaval.ca,
mfrank@wishep.physics.wisc.edu, schecter@TFS.COM,
philippe.quaglia@aero.jussieu.fr, kfuchs@winternet.com

If you are willing to donate a little time doing IUF planning or work, you can
join us by e-mailing a note to the 12 people above.


Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com