IUF article for ON ONE WHEEL

THIS IS AN ARTICLE FOR ON ONE WHEEL. I wanted to let all of you see it as well,
because there is probably time for you to comment on it before it goes into the
next issue. I have sent it to her because she wants to finish this issue very
soon (we haven’t had one since July). Nothing about IUF plans has been stated
in concrete terms, so we have made no promises. I would like to hear your
responses to this.



    The officers and directors of the International Unicycling Federation
    (IUF) are communicating with each other at warp speed, thanks to
    electronic mail (E-mail) and the Internet. When I got my own internet
    connection last summer, I noticed that almost all of the IUF officials
    were subscribers to the Unicycling Mail-List. When Alberto Ruiz joined
    us in November, the whole executive board was connected. Now the IUF
    idea people can communicate with each other like never before, with
    messages traveling from Jack Halpern in Japan, to Rolf Sander in
    Germany, to anywhere else within minutes. This has allowed for prolonged
    discussions of a kind that could not take place at a convention, because
    there simply would not be enough time. The main concerns of the IUF were
    the next UNICON, to be held in 1996, the producing of an international
    newsletter, and the question of IUF memberships.

    UNICON NEWS: As of late December, the IUF is still looking for a host
    and site for UNICON VIII, the 8th world championships. Our Convention
    Committee in Germany searched for willing sponsors for such an event,
    but with no success. In Germany, without sponsors, a sporting event like
    UNICON is nearly impossible to run. If you know of someone who would
    like to host, or sponsor, the next world championships, please contact
    John Foss at the address and phone below.

    IUF NEWSLETTER: The IUF is planning to produce an electronic newsletter,
    to be translated into various languages and distributed worldwide via
    the Internet or fax. The plans have not yet been formalized, but the end
    result should be something like this:

    In countries without national unicyclingassociations (NA's), the IUF may
    sell individual memberships, in order for people to get the news, while
    helping that country start it's own NA.

    In countries with NA's, such as USA, the IUF will make its newsletter
    material available to the editor of the national publication (ON ONE
    WHEEL, in our case). An IUF section may separate, or blended into the
    issue, as the national editor prefers. NA members will be able to read
    news of the world, coming from a separate source, which will reduce work
    for their national editors. In return, all members of the NA will also
    be IUF members, by virtue of their national memberships. The IUF will
    negotiate with the various NA's to help cover the cost of this service.

    INDIVIDUAL IUF MEMBERSHIP: In countries that already have national
    associations, the IUF probably will not offer individual memberships,
    unless those organizations don't wish to share work and resources with
    the IUF. Where no NA exists, riders will be encouraged to subscribe to
    an existing publication in their language, or to one produced by the
    IUF, if available.

    GET INVOLVED: Most of the IUF executive board are USA members. The IUF
    has constantly been seeking, and getting, opinions and volunteer help
    from the other people on the Internet. If you have a computer and a
    modem, it's very easy to get connected, and getting easier all the time.
    You can exchange E-mail on the Internet through most of the big online
    services, such as America Online or Compuserve. This area of unicycle
    promoting is only just beginning to grow, so jump on! Until then, you
    can contact John Foss at the Unicyclists' Hotline, or by mail: P.O. Box
    686, Rocklin, CA 95677. Hotline: (916) 624-4417

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation unifoss@cerfnet.com