IUF and USA Rules Committees

Hi all,

This announcement is for everyone interested in participating in the
rules creation and improvement process for the IUF and USA. Various
events have kept us from getting started sooner, so we want to get under
way quickly now. If you would like to be on the committees (IUF, USA, or
both), please read on.

The committees will work simultaneously. In the past we have avoided this,
because we didn’t want to make good changes to one book that got missed on
the other. In most cases, when we have come up with successful new ideas
for one book, they have later been adopted in the other. We expect this to
happen this time as well, so we will have to coordinate the efforts of the
two committees so they can share ideas without one group leaving the other
one behind.

To be on the USA Rulebook Committee, you must first be a USA member in
good standing. To join up: http://www.unicycling.org/usa/join/ The IUF
committee does not require membership, as current IUF membership is based
only on UNICON attendance and not yet available to others. In both
committees, participation is required for your membership to stay active.

I am still in the process of setting up our procedures with the help of
Kevin Gilbertson. If it is set up as I would like, it will be possible for
people to “lurk” without participating. If a person becomes more
interested later, it may be possible to join.

We will use a method similar to the one established by Andy Cotter, with
individual proposed changes or additions to the books, each voted on
separately. Proposals can be made by anybody. The proposal is followed by
a discussion period, where we will share our opinions and possibly help
edit or rewrite the proposal for best use. This will be followed by a
voting period, during which further changes will not be allowed. If a
proposal does not pass, variations on it can then be proposed if

I hope to have all the proposals and discussion available for review on
the Web, to make it easier to keep track of things. Hopefully each
proposal will have its own area, where you can read back and follow the
discussion on it before voting.

I have heard many good suggestions for rule changes since UNICON X in
China. Now is the time to put them in writing, and make them a reality!
The USA had great success this year with a new format for Freestyle
competition, which I will propose for the IUF, as an example of the many
changes to be proposed.

These committees will be run via email and the Web. I realize that not all
of the interested people, especially internationally, may have Internet
access. Unfortunately we do not have time to conduct this process by
regular mail. My goal is to have this process complete by the end of the
year, including the approval and availability of the new rulebooks in
English. This will allow several months for translation and training.

If you know someone who has input for these committees but either has no
Internet access or is not proficient in English, please help them out with
translation or by relaying their ideas. It’s not a perfect solution, and
neither is doing all of this in English only. But we need to get it done.

TO SIGN UP: Please let me know if you would like to participate on the
USA, IUF, or both rules committees. List for me the email address(es) you
would like used if I have to subscribe you to the mailing lists manually.
I will collect all these addresses and send out further instructions as
soon as they are available.

I have already compiled a list of “ideas” I had for the USA rulebook,
which we will be able to use to help us get started. Start putting your
ideas down in writing. If you like, send them to me and I’ll add them
to my master list of “unofficial proposals” so everyone can get
thinking on them.

I hope to hear from many of you soon!

Stay on top, John Foss Chairman, IUF and USA Rulebook Committees
jfoss@unicycling.com www.unicycling.com

“Freedom is not free”

John Foss wrote…
>Hi all,
>This announcement is for everyone interested in participating in the
>rules creation and improvement process for the IUF and USA. Various
>events have kept us from getting started sooner, so we want to get under
>way quickly now. If you would like to be on the committees (IUF, USA, or
>both), please read on.

I have no time to participate in this directly, but I could help in
that we have discovered various errors and onconsistencies in the IUF
rules when we translated them into Japanese before Unicon X. We moved
offices since that time but I will try to find those materials and send
you feedback.

Keep up the gppd work.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.
Website: http://www.kanji.org