Its yellow! (Crabcycle)

I got my crabcycle powder coded now. :smiley: Tom Miller (of TUF) was able to set this up for me.

I just put up some new video on
I added reverse (note I am going right by pedaling backwards, which happens to be in line with my politcal views!) and a pause. I am using a new camera… so I hope I did it right.

I am also able to switch riding left to riding right and vice-versa but still need a fence or I get “panic” attack. :astonished:

I love this unicycle. I am still learning idling. I hope to show that in a month.

I layed off of it for a while while my leg tendon healed (unrelated accident) and sent out for painting, but otherwise I try to ride it everyday weather permitting. Its great because I dont need to really go anywhere to have a challenge and a great time with it. :smiley:

That thing looks awsome!

David, Looks like you are comming along pretty good. I remember watching you at NAUCC on the Crab, and I just thought it was impossible. I guess not for everyone. Can’t wait to see your next video.

Wasn’t it already yellow?

It was fun watching you ride it at NAUCC, I tried to sit on it once with two people holding me up and I still fell over.

Wow, that looks hard! Way to go. I have to agree with the color choice - looks great!


Way cool!



Thanks for the responses.

Just had to say… I mounted the crab cycle today! It took me about 30 attempts or so once I put my mind to it.

A few weeks ago I learned to idle on it. That really opens the door on fun things to do on it. Mounting is probably one of the easier things to do on it once you learn idling.

Today I was also was able to switch direction a few times, pedal backwards -> pedal forwards -> pedal backwards -> pedal forwards again. Also got a figure 8 while pedaling backwards (thats going to the right).

Sorry no new video… I am not that consistent yet… my wife would get bored with my failed attempts. I am certainly having the time of my life on it though. :smiley:


After seeing how difficult it was for you to get one pedal down I knew what it would take for you to master it (a miracle).

What an ACCOMPLISHMENT :astonished:

Great work!!

Just One Wheel Inc

It looks like your moon walking! Awesome! Thats like the “Go West” unicycle, I don’t know who made it, but it was simmilar. Unispinning that would be sweet.

What a wierd looking uni:p
good job!!

now that loocks like fun to bild grat job :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Your a bloody legend mate! That’s an awesome idea!
When I started reading down the page which describes the process of building it, I saw the pics and (no offense) I thought “some kid just got a crazy idea, i’d love to see it work” but when I got to the bottom I couldn’t believe it!
Great work.