It's Station Wagons from now on

Wow. Turns out I don’t miss the Geo Metro at all!


5 Sandwich boards, tool box, hockey bag, bike stand, floor pump, 8 uni’s (one’s a coker), cow seat covers and matching license plates :frowning:

And I could easily fit 5-6 more uni’s in there, this is all with only 2 people in the car though.

Should we ever have Jr Sofa’s, a minivan will be in order I suppose.

Gotta love the tinted windows though, I would hate to have all these contents visible for everyone to see.

Reminds me of our trip to NAUCC last year. You can add your luggage to the roof rack and be off. (You just can’t have your uni’s riding outside!)

We traded in our Jeep Cherokee a couple of years ago on a Chrysler Town & Country. Not the most macho looking vehicle, but inside it is the best. Room for 7 or 4 an a lot of stuff. Roof Racks for more if needed. Easy to get my daughter in and out of her carseat. I can’t think of much I don’t like about it. Funny thing is I made fun of 2 of my best friends when they bought them. I can’t imagine not having one now. When I fly out of town with the family, it is such a bummer to not have all of that room.

I also have a Jeep Wrnagler, and a Pick Up(work truck), so I am not always in the Mini Van, but it is by far the most comfortable ride.

sofa, my wife has the very same car…plenty o’ room for sure!! good choice

If any of you remember Tron (now an occasional poster), he has a station wagon, in which he can fit his 5’giraffe. A very handy feature.

Thanks, we are quite happy with it!

Here’s my little Subaru Impreza mini wagon stuffed with unicycles after the Vancouver Island Muni Weekend:

Is that rain residue, or a real funky sparkly paint job?

I hope it’s the latter

That was rain residue. The weather behaved and didn’t rain while we were riding. It did however rain on us while we were enjoying the BBQ the night before.

Did ya see the Blue Shift in the back of my car? :slight_smile:

If that were my car, it would need renaming Red Shift as I speed away with it… :slight_smile:


Personally, I’m a big fan of Mazda. A couple years ago when I was in the market for a car my first choice was the Mazda Protégé 5. That was a bit out of my price range because the only ones available were used. I ended up getting a 626 instead. Now the Mazda3 is out. Another sweet ride also available in a wagon.