It's so close...


I’m from Poland, I’ve got 24" unicycle from qu-ax.
I’ve been training c.a.8.5h (3 days 20min and 5 days 1.5h)
and I’ve just managed to ride 60meters touching only 2-3times my support!
I’m really happy that my progress was so fast so far. It’s really fascinating
to feel such a big advance in learning a skill. Nevertheless, I think I’ve reached some kind of plateau – I observed no or very little progress since the last training, but as I browsed the archives I saw that everyone experience something like this.

Ok, I thought maybe you guys have some hints or tips for some of my problems:

  • I’ve got real hard time starting up just after mounting my uni: I start quite slowly and I have to use a support (wall) once or twice before I gain speed and momentum. I tried to start and lean more forward and pedal faster, but faster pedaling at the beginning makes me loose my sideways balace :frowning:

  • Generally, even when I pedal fast sideways balance is cumbersome – ok, I manage to ride that 50-60m without support once in a while but it’s random thing.

  • uhm… to male unicyclists: I learned to mount only subtly touching the support but almost always I have to correct my feet position on pedals, correct myself to sit comfortably in a seat. How do you guys manage to freemount fitting feet correctly on pedals and most importantly placing your male jewelry comfortably in a seat? Is it just practice again?


I am surprised no one came to respond to this yet.

I too reached a plateau at first while I was learning, all I did was keep practicing, and I broke through and was able to ride a couple hundred feet before falling off, then I was able to ride for as long as I wanted, and it felt great!

Keep practicing on riding, as you said, you have reached a little brake in your progress, it will discourage you, make you mad, make you want to give up, but you cant, keep practicing and you’ll get it down, and you’ll be loving it.

How are you mounting? There are a few ways to mount, well, mainly two ways, a Rollback mount, and a Static mount. For me, learning how to freemount was actually very hard, I would miss the pedals, not pedal when I got on, or pedalled to fast and fell off. Really all you gotta do, is to keep practising, look at yourself when mountain, if you notice something wrong try to fix it on your next attempt. You’ll be mounting fine in no time!

For you side balance, it will come to you, you are still a beginner, it will take some time to get used to riding a uni, just practice more. =p

For placement of the “jewelry” just make sure your not sitting on them, keep them out in front, not under you. I am able to scoop everything out with the seat as I am mounting, and it is natural to do that as I am mounting. Knowing how you, or any other guy would like to be put in pain for sitting on there stuff, you’ll get this problem solved very quickly, unless you dont plan on having any kids.

Welcome to the Forums!!!

Oh, go to, It has guides, very well written up, and some with video for almost everything youll need to know about unicycling, from basic riding, freestyle, flatland, street, trials, and muni. If that doesnt help, we well always be here too. =p

Way cool.

I think this problem will fix itself with more practice. After a while it just clicks and you become one with the unicycle, then you can control your speed without even thinking.

If you have a wobble when you ride and it throws off your balance, then you might not have enough weight on the seat. Make sure to put all of your weight on the seat! It makes riding much easier and smoother.

When you are learning I think it’s best to mount while holding firmly onto a solid object, that way you get the riding part down and you can work on the mount later. When I mount I’m not always comfy in the seat and my feet aren’t always positioned on the pedals correctly, but after riding a whole bunch I learned to fix these problems while on the unicycle. That just takes time and practice to learn.

just put your nads in front lol, straight and to the point

Ok, I’ve just finished today’s 1.5h training and I’m both tired and exilirated – I succeeded at last! :slight_smile:

… after fist 40min of banging my head on the wall (not literally of course!) and sweating like hell, I sat down and pondered for a while. During that 40mins every single ride I was wobbling and falling after a few meters. I rested a while, than stood up and tried once again the basic half-revolutions exercise still touching the support. I repeated this about ten times in a row or maybe even more to build up some confidence (paying attention to the weight on the seat commandment :wink:
And then came the breakthrough… I felt suddenly in much more control of the uni, and tried to ride perpedicularly to the wall instead along it.
And then it happened: I could ride as much as 40meters without falling and stopped only because of the uneven ground. It appeared that I can repeat it couple of times still without falling.
Wow! That was really mind-boggling experience! Especially when it came out that I was even able to do a turn! Unconfident as it was, but what the heck! it still was a turn!! :smiley:

ok, now it’s time to cure some pedal bites… internally with beer.

It sounds like you’re doing really well. Keep it up!

I found that keeping my weight on the seat was one of many places I was going wrong until I thought about it. It makes riding much less tiring. It was also one of the few things I found I had time to actually think about. Most aspects of riding seem to be instinct or reflex or learned in a physical way that is unrelated to thinking - just like walking. I can only snatch a fraction of a second to think about what to do if I’m lucky, and ‘weight on the seat’ just fits.

When you get to that uneven ground it might just be that you need to take some of your weight off the seat. At least, that’s what works for me.

Bear in mind that my riding style is dreadful before you pay too much attention to anything I say.

When I first started learning, I too was sweating buckets.
It took a while to realise that as I was progressing distance-wise, I still wasn’t keeping my weight on the saddle.
So I was sort of ‘hovering’ over it which was incredibly tiring!
I’m better now though!

For the "jewelry: tidy whiteys and spandes bicycle pants. Keeps everything tucked away nicely. I wear MTB shorts that are baggy with built in bike shorts. The boys can still take a beating once and while doing Muni but much better tucked up tight.

Good to hear! A bit more riding around and soon you will be able to conquer the bumps in the road. Keep up the good work.

As for walking… I happend to study at the CS & control systems department
and this comparison is in fact quite good: teaching a robot to walk is more or less equally as difficult as teaching it to ride a unicycle.
Thought-provoking, isn’t it?

okee, I’l try this…


As for sweating and wobbling – this was just the fact that I overlooked and underestimated the importance of repetition.
I wanted to learn quick, so I skipped basic exercises just after I had discovered one day that I could ride a few meters without the support.
Recalling this stuff and repeating half-revolutions along the wall where crucial to gain (once again) confidence and proper feel of the uni, though.
Especially that after I did it a few times all the sweating went automagically away.

I think that my next training will surely start once more with this exercise just as a good warm-up
Thanks all for the words of encouragement!


congrats, you’ll sweat less eventually.