its not the 11th yet and i know all those names up there arent on right now?

there seems to be a sort of time warp with a couple threads up top.they are dated the 11th which is tommorrow… :roll_eyes: :smiley:

its also says that there are alot of people online in the fora that i know are not…hmmmmm…?

It is the 11th in Texas where the new server is, and some of us are online. :slight_smile:

Ok Jajur is right my reply had my local time and came up way below older replies.

I’m with the time warp theory.

I couldn’t figure out why I was the first post on a reply until I saw the date.

Hey, at least it produced a record for most ever on line.

Yes, there has been a bit of a time warp in the forum.

On second thought, lets not do the time warp again. The ending is such a let down.


here sould be the 1st post on this thread after midnite on the Pacific Coast…Lets see if it gets over the other warp threads…

Edit:what do you mean,edit?

nope…that didnt work.the forces that be are still overwhellming(sp?) the phycosis of the time space Picard…

i know for darn shure that JJuggle, tadaniels, Mikefule, beelzebub of balance, iunicycle, Nerdlinger, djm, davidwinston, Jax, James, omdetdar, thinuniking, jagur) are not all on this fora at 1:33 AM Pacific standard time.

Who’s that jagur guy?

(Edit:What do you mean,Edit?)

I have notice too myself when I logged on this Afternoon and now this evening. Same thing happen also when I went to Just Conversation too. I hope it will be fix by then. I’m with you Jagur.
This should be first by the time I press the reply button. Anyway.
That’s life.


Darn- I was hoping I had some new power to supersede other posters. Oh well.


u wanted the live-happily-ever-after-disney ending?