It's no good, I've lost my bottle

Four days to go before finally leaving Malvern I decided to go up the hill one last time. I checked the muni still worked, grabbed my gear and set off. But I just couldn’t make it.

As much as I wanted to get to the top, I ended up turning round about half way up. I just couldn’t go on… I’d lost my bottle completely. I think it may be forgetting the usual techniques to stop things like this happening, having not gone up the hill for a while, but it was no good, I had to turn back. I didn’t think I could have made it to the top.

I returned home, defeated.


how am I supposed to carry a drink now?


Phil, just me

Buy a hydration pack that straps onto your back.

Cattle Prods solve most of life’s little problems.

I don’t know what you could use a cattle prod to do, but it might be able to fill the void of your bottle.