Its Hot!

i live in southern california where these days, the weather has been relatively HOT [afghanistan was by far the hottest place i’ve ever been in, but at least it was dry heat, and not humid]. anyways, i find that after a couple hours of unicycling, my butt tends to be wet from sweating so profusely! anybody else have this problem? i normally wouldn’t mind since it is pretty comical, but it just gets a tad embarassing when there are girls who would be impressed if not for the butt sweat… maybe its the attire i’m wearing? i wear a dry-fit shirt most of the time, and either cargo shorts or pants with boxer briefs underneath. would buying biking shorts do me any good? or will i just have to live with it and hope that cooler days are coming

Butt sweat is GOOD! You can use it to make TAHITIAN NONI JUICE!!!

It drives the women crazy!