It's here!!!

The Big Brown Truck has arrived!!!

At this moment, my 5 year old daughter is mounted up and trying to learn to ride along the kitchen counter and table. She looks so cute.

As soon as I got her new unicycle assembled, and got her praciticing on the front porch, I started assembling mine new Muni. Doesn’t that sound great, MY NEW MUNI? My New Muni! Yipppeeee!

As I was trying to twist on the last nut, connecting the new KH Velo Yellow Seat to the new seat post, I dropped the nut. Where did it roll? It rolled right off the porch and dropped straight down, INSIDE of a 7 foot high concrete block pillar. This pillar is one of the supports that hold up our front porch. Can you believe, it rolled right in the hole. Four of the six pillars are solid, but this one was hollow, and now the little nut is gone forever.

My wife told me to try and fish it our with a magnet on a string, but I’ll just grab a new one at the hardware store. I hope to be riding it in the next 30 minutes or so. Whipppeeee! --chirokid–

PS: Thanks Frank A. and Thanks

Good news!
Now get out in the dirt and make us all proud :smiley:

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Oh my god!!!

I am in love with my new Muni. I just got home from my inaugural midnight ride. Being a moonless night, and since I live out in the country, it was very dark. I rode for a total of 55 minutes.

The following is the scoop:

My new ride: A 24" KH Wheelset, matched up to a 3" Duro Wildlife Leopard, stock KH cranks, fitted with Wellgo B-27 pin pedals. A standard chrome seat post holds on a brand new KH Velo Yellow/Yellow/Gray seat. The wheelset and seat are connected together by a 26" Chrome Yuni frame.

The huge tire 24"X3" just ate up the bumps. My long driveway, downhill ,gravel, with ruts, was no problem. Multiple speedbumps, pot holes, the a gravel parking lot of a local church, an 18" wide wooden bridge at my kids elementary school, all no match for the 3" Duro. Having rode my 1.75" rock hard Schwinn tire for the last 28 years, I could hardly believe the “cushiness” of this tire. I rode right up curbs, through grassy lots, and over a 4" tree limb (that one amazed me, yet I hardly felt the bump).

Never have I sat on a unicycle seat that is as comfortable as this Yellow KH seat. Not even once did the seat cause ANY irritation or pain, eventhough I was only wearing causal baggy shorts. Dropping off the sidewalks at the school, I could feel the pampering softness, as this awesome seat took tender loving care of my hind quarters. I have always struggled to do seat out riding, but this seat just slid right out, then back in when I wanted. Also, on my modified air-bladder Schwinn seat, you have to “arrange” yourself on the seat with delicate care. Not with my new KH, everything just sort of fell into place automatically. I am delightfully amazed. Lastly, I was afraid the KH seat might be a skinny boy seat, but it took care of my 265 pounds with no complaints.

My new Muni is fitted with Wellgo B-27 pin pedals. These are my first metal pin type pedals. Having just rained prior to my ride, I never had even one pedal slip while on this nite ride. Wherever I wanted my feet, they were. These pedals rock.

A fear about purchasing the KH cranks was with hitting my heels on the little nub at the end of each crank. A common problem for many. Over the entire 55 minute ride, my heels never once hit on the crank nubs. I am one happy kiddo.

As for the ride, it was a double thumbs-up, hip-hip-horay ride. Combining the softness of the seat with the forgiveness of the 3" Duro, I was in complete comfort. I was able to mount, ride foreward and backward, hop sideways, do several 5 second “still” balances, idel, spin and ride up and down curbs. It really felt like this Muni had been my unicycle forever.

My greatest feat with my new Muni. Being able to sideways hop, on my first attempt, up and onto a 4" high sidewalk. I landed, then within 4 feet, promply fell to the right. On my next attempt, I landed perfect and rode away. I am so excited, I can hop up onto something!!! Yes, the sidewalk is low, and a huge landing surface, but I can hop, nevertheless. Wipppppeeeee!!! BTW, this was my first attempt ever at hopping up onto something. Riding down my driveway and over the 4" limb were also highlights of this inaugural ride. A non-unicycle highlight, seeing the planet Mars, very close and beautiful, on my first Muni ride.

Thanks for letting me share the thoughts from my inital ride. Sorry it is so long, but I am so excited. Now, I gotta go to bed.

Anybody want to help me name my new Muni? --chirokid–

Ah- new toys for you too!!! I feel exactly the way you do tonight after getting my new Coker!

hahaha the little nut had a mind of it’s own and it wanted to go in your pillar, so it did!

chirokid, congrats buddy…I’m stoked for ya!!!

Time to bust up the streets of Gatlinburg with a one wheeled urban assualt!! :smiley:

Let’s go for it Zod. Are you headed this way today? My family and I are going to Cades Cove to ride our bikes around the 11 mile loop, then ride around on our unicycles in the campground afterward.

BTW, a miracle just happened. My wife said, “Since all three of our girls have unicycles, I’m going to learn now too!” Yippeee. Time to go find that short seat post for the ol’ Schwinn. --chirokid–

A new coker, have fun! --chirokid–

I think everyone should be required to ride a Schwinn before upgrading. It makes a fat tire Muni feel oh so nice!
Congrats! I expect to see you in Moab next year, eating up the trail. Otherwise, what’s the use of a new ride? :smiley:

Re: It’s here!!!

chirokid wrote:
> BTW, a miracle just happened. My wife said, “Since all three of our
> girls have unicycles, I’m going to learn now too!”

Woo hoo!

I managed to get my missus riding a couple of yards before she got
pregnant with Jenny, but she hasn’t tried riding since. I’m hoping that
once both our kids are riding (we’ve only got one so far, but are
planning one more), the same thing will happen.

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Re: It’s here!!!

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 08:54:27 -0500, chirokid
<> wrote:

>BTW, a miracle just happened.

A new MUni described only in superlatives. And then a nice miracle to
top it off and make you (plural) a unicycling family. That is
absolutely great!

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Speaking of new uni’s, does anyone know when the Onza trials will arrive? I ordered it about July 24, and it said it was out of stock, but then there was a post that said something like they were shipped on the 25th, and I just bleepingcan’t wait anymore!!!
Okay, now I’ve calmed down a bit. But I really want it to come. So when should I expect it if it was shipped on the 25th?

Don’t appologize for the “long” post. It reads with the enthusiasm with which it was written!

…but it took care of my 265 pounds with no complaints.

Say goodbye to 10% or more of yourself.


Hi Memphis Mud. So, if I ride my Muni for 3 or 4 hours today, then sit here on the computer and eat a big Coke Float, will the 10% still leave? --chirokid–

Re: Re: It’s here!!!

I can imagine that she hasn’t tried riding since, if it caused her to become pregnant.

Re: Re: Re: It’s here!!!

I thought the same thing, but I wasn’t about to say a word. Glad you did though. :wink:

My wife practiced some more today, I hope shes not pregnant now. Sheezzz. :smiley: --chirokid–

it was sooo nice to read a post that was so positive.

as for the name…
i firmly believe that the name will come to u
some possible avenues it may come down might have something to do with the lil’ nut, the hollow pillar and, my personal favourite, ’ The Big Brown Truck’

let us know

Chiro- Congratulations on your new Beast. I am sure we will be hearing many new stories from your future outings as you discover all the new things your new Uni will allow you to do. I also have a few long weekends scheduled through the fall so mabe we will make it up that way and we can ride. I am definitely going to the Nantahala for the Fall Festival the last weekend in October. I will definitely be bringing my Muni.