It's here!

My new uni arrived today! Yay!

I got one of these:

With a 3 inch Gaz and the KH Velo saddle. My god, that tire is wide!
Pictures alone cannot convey the enormity of the 3 inch Gaz.

I took it out for a little fooling around after dinner, and it’s sooooo
much better than my Torker. The tire soaks up drops off the curb, and the
seat is oh-so-plush.

I think the longer cranks also helped with my marginal idling; I was able
to do about 5 or 6 cycles before I would loose stability, and I could
ride out afterwards.

Jumping was easier, but the plastic pins in the pedals made shifting my
feet around a little difficult on mounting.

It occurs to me that I don’t know of any good places in the Berkeley areas
to go Muni’ing. As a start, I’m going out on Saturday with my brother-in-law
on the little trails at the Berkeley Marina…


mine’s coming

I’m waiting for a 26" muni from Darren Bedford.

To see the exciting progress of my new unicycle, click here:

Ok, slightly off topic, but I’m just sitting around waiting and don’t have anything else to do.


You’re gonna love it Byron; definitely worth the wait!!!