The UPS driver wheeled into the parking lot not knowing how happy I would be. Beads of sweat began to form upon my brow, my hands wringing with excitment. A smile not so much unlike those early child hood Christmas mornings creased my face. Eyes wide with anticipation and hope.

He carried in the boxes with a simple and expected smile and greeting. I signed for the two boxes marked UDC and shoved his little computer back at him. Then like a rabbid mother wolf protecting her cubs I grabbed my boxes and ran off to my tool box.

After I opened it and made sure everything I ordered was there, I clocked out for lunch and put her together… The boss laughed at my enthusiasm.
Looking at the daunting big wheel before me, I donned my hemlet and strode outthe garage door.

I had planned 3 false mounts just to get a feel for the power and balance I would need.
Ok enough of the story crap
I got my Nimbus 29 Muni today… It ROCKS! Easy as pie to mount, rides like a BMW, and that fusion street seat, although needing a bit of an nose down adjustment, is more comfortable then my car seats.
The 170mm cranks let me cruise the parking lot, the lawn, a few curbs and then the trail out back with ease! So much faster then the 18" and more stable feeling to boot! Everything I ordered was in the boxes and well packed!

I took it about a mile each way on the trail (more of a dirt / cinder walking path) just to give her a shakedown… No noises and a dead center and true wheel! Yes DEAD CENTER, I measured it, and it was a TOTAL 1 mm off, thats a whopping .5mm in either direction… I dont understand why other people bash UDC at all…
Not a single noise or unexpected thing, and only 1 UPD on it so far. It’s muddy and dripping in my living room right now as it stands proudly on the rubber floor mat from my old jeep.

Would I spend the $429 USD all over again, dam straight… Next purchace 125/150 moment cranks, and then hidding all my extra $ for my nightrider pro 36er.
thanks for all the answers, advice, and links to articles people!

One happy ass Tom

Congratulations. I’m glad you had a good experience with the newest member of your family. Make sure to post a picture.

I think that I just got the same one! The nimbus 29er MUni is one classy steed -stock! I like the machined sidewall KH rim, nice tire, nice blue paint job, white Isis hub and cranks, beautiful seat!
I swapped out the pedals for the metal ones that came with my nightrider (unused, I put plastic twisteds on that beast) and I put some black Sinz 150’s on it. real sharp lookin. I may upgrade to the adjustable KH post, But only for aesthetics really.
She’s pretty fast too!

my experience with UDC has been stellar and this is my 3rd rig from them. they always return calls and emails, they know their stuff, and they are a real out going top notch professional crew! I am so impressed with their products and their people!

Hey, you said that you got everything you ordered… any extras?

Nope, only extra I got was 4 UDC stickers (I asked for extras) and 2 ones…
Hoping to add a set of dual hole cranks by summer, and thinking of getting an extra rim since someone just gave me a tire from the 29 touring… Make it a fast swap so I can tour without wearing out my offroad tire.

I have the dual 150/125s on my Nightrider pro, very sweet! 150s are much easier to idle on the 29er than the stock 170s (I’m getting better). Longer cranks may give you more leverage, but it’s too easy to stall with them, and sometimes momentum is really key, so the shorties are sometimes better. The fast 29er is obviously a spinning machine with the 125’s, I think you’re gonna be one happy dude. When it comes to tech stuff, if you have to hop up things, the longer cranks don’t really make a difference there either. good all around set-up when you’re done.


I was just as excited when mine got here a couple of weeks ago. It’s all i’ve ridden since then. My poor new 20" freestyle is sitting alone, ridden exactly once. I’m trying to convince my Ex fiancee to borrow it to finish learning how to ride.

Wasnt sure how to spell your user name, and if you wanted people to know… Sorry… LOL No harm meant…
I still putter in the parking lot on the 18… Was on it maybe 15 - 20 minutes tonight… But theres MUCH LOVE for that 29! Now to find someone near me with a 36 I can try out

I Just bustin your you know whats. Discretion is always a smart choice. I didn’t know Ezas was the hard to remember or type.

Has that tire shown up yet? It wasn’t easy folding that tire into thirds but I got er done. Apparently the folding in thirds is the better than just in half.
Here is the link I used to learn to do it: