It's Go Time....

Roman and I managed to shoot some video while we were practicing over the holidays. Includes freestyle, trials and some fun in the snow.

Check it…


That was a great short video and some quality riding. I liked that you were able to do all that riding in the small confines of that shop or garage or what ever it was. Keep up the good work.

That was a great video. Nicelly editted too, I like how you turned the music down for the bails so we can hear all the falling glory.

It went into “buffering” and stayed there after the first twenty seconds. The wheel walking in the snow is cool though.

Don’t stream the video. Download it first and then play it from the file on your local computer. The gallery doesn’t do very well with streaming the video.

To download the video from the gallery:

Right-click on the video in the gallery
For IE select “Save Target As…”
For Mozilla Firefox select “Save Link As…”
For Mozilla Suite select “Save Link Target As…”
Save the file to a folder of your choice
Launch the file after it has downloaded

You’ll get faster downloads that way and you’ll end up with a local copy of the file that you can keep and play later.

I use to do that all the time but I know longer can. I think my sister disabled it some how for fear of viruses. Can some one tell me how to switch it back?

edit: I watched it the other way (but I’d still like to know) Nice vid. Very well done. Which are you?


Great video! The riding was really controlled and fun to watch. I loved that set of posts you’ve made. Mind if I borrow your design some time ot make one for myself?


Thanks for the comments guys.

Are you asking which rider I am? If so, I’m the one with the blue jeans on, Roman’s wearing the beige pants.

Go right ahead. I’m sure I got the idea from someone else too. :slight_smile:


Nice job, great indoor obstacles, looks like that outside here too.

I don’t know how that feature was disabled in IE (I’m assuming that it’s IE). If it was disabled you’ll have to figure out what disabled it and undo it.

You could try Firefox and see if it lets you do the right-click download trick.

Great Video! I liked the outdoor part with the jump in the snow!

Dude keep it going, rock on, nice video