It's days like this that make you think there is a $DEITY

Beep! Beep! Beep! went the alarm clock* for a normal Thursday morning, getting up while it’s still dark outside and heading to work just like any other random workday.

However on getting to work there was a big sign saying “All Networks Down!” at the entrance; on getting inside it seemed a power supply somewhere had literally exploded and all the computers were dead. Unable to do pretty much anything we were encouraged that if we wanted an odd day off sometime, today would be an excellent day to take it. Being ever unquestioning to management as I am, I dissappeared and headed off to Ham Hill country park, which I felt needed a bit more exploring.

I went there before a week before BMW; it was a fairly large ex-quarry with loads of short but very technical downhill sections, which was great fun. This time I decided to go explore a wider area, and I’m sooo glad I did! During my few hours I found…

  • A good length of very technical singletrack, rocks and roots all over a winding trail along the side of a steep hillside in a forest;
  • Even more miles of swoopy singletrack, less leg effort required but nice’n’fast;
  • Three downhill tracks, complete with jumps over logs and even a few wooden jump ramps;
  • The icing on the cake… a few north shore stylee raised boardwalks! Admittedly they were far too hard for me to even contemplate trying, but the fact that there is north shore stuff in Yeovil was good enough for me… :slight_smile:

All in all… a truly excellent day; I am totally exhausted after all that. I’ll definitely be going there again, whenever I get the opportunity… maybe I should sabotage the server room more often… :smiley:


*It was actually the radio, but that doesn’t make for very good narrative…

Re: It’s days like this that make you think there is a

Beep, beep, beep went the radio – probably means it’s time to buy a new radio. As for your narrative, you’re no Mikefule :), but you don’t need to embellish (thanks for the full-disclosure fine-print).

What a great find and a great day! Once, in the days BU (before unicycle), it snowed so hard I couldn’t drive to the office. So I drove to the ski slopes instead. It too was a good day. At least, as good as good got in the days BU.

And I’m sorry, I don’t have an environment variable called $DEITY set.

Dave Lowell (uni57)