It's been so long haha

It’s been two years since I’ve picked up my unicycle.

I tried riding today, and surprisingly i’m not THAT out of practice.

I definetly won’t be trying anything crazy for a good while, but at least I can still ride without any problems.

I’m totally surprised that I can still ride one footed and do a tiny bit of trials after this long.

I also forgot how much of a workout it is, my whole body and lungs are deeead.

I’ve got a long ways to go, again.

Someone put my body back into unicycling shape.

welcome back man!

It’s gonna be rough, after riding for about 45 minutes I was dead. The next few hours of riding weren’t so bad though.

And i’ve gained like…40 lbs these last two years, it’s time to burn them back off haha

way to go, you’ll burn it off in no time!

I guess it really is like riding a bike! ^.^