"It's been awhile since i've seen you smile, but now you've come back again"

Just got back from my short but well deserved vacation to Branson Mo. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, just one little uni note. I was in a theme park out there and I was inside one of those old-timey toy stores when I saw, nailed to the wall, a Howdy-Doody Puppet sitting on a unicycle (one that looked exactly like KMM’s (King MUni Man’s). I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy just to see one. I got a chance to ride one that looked the same but wasn’t nailed to the wall. The tire had NO air in it and the 16” wheel was a lot smaller than I am used to. Add that with not riding a uni in five days and you can figure out the outcome. Yep, fell right on my ass. God how embarrassing.

Bought a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse Hi-tops and I soon found out that they are not good for unicycling today.

Anyway I got home today and I started to look on the forums but then I realized that I was in no mood to read about unicycling, I had to go for a ride. Put all my gear on, good thing I did because I fell on my elbows when I tried a free mount. Was I ever happy that I was wearing my elbow pads. Anyway I got on it finally and idled a bit just to get a feel for it and I went out for a ride. I got to see some people I knew, ran some errands and got several honks, waves, thumbs-up, and cheers. It felt good. I also rode along a curb that was only 3 inches wide for several meters, which felt even better.

I was very sad to see that I was outbid on this unicycle on eBay by only three dollars. That sucked. I was thinking about it all vacation.
Does anyone know where I can get a trials Uni with the miyata airseat?

Re: “It’s been awhile since i’ve seen you smile, but now you’ve come back again”

You might just consider buying the brand new version of that, which I think is still ultra cheap on unicycle.com. It comes with the KH seat. I’ll tell you, I am a Miyata air-seat addict, and have one on both my muni and my Coker. I really don’t miss it on the trials, and in fact think it would be a barrier on some of the stuff I’m working on now with seat out in front. Plus for hops, stairs, etc. you’re not really putting much weight on the saddle, and certainly with a 20" you’re not doing lots of long rides. The reasons for the air-pillow seat start to evaporate.

Just my tuppence…